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4 Towel Workouts To Tone Your Body (And Clean Your Home!)

Written by Joseph Summers
Health and Fitness Enthusiast
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Ever heard of the towel workout? You may be surprised to realize that you can really work your muscles using only a hard floor and two small towels as demonstrated in the short video by LEAF. Now there’s no excuse for not whipping yourself back into shape!

What Are the Advantages of these Towel Workouts?

  • Super convenient – can be performed almost anywhere, anytime
  • Requires no specialist equipment – only your body, hard floor and a couple of towels (even paper towels will suffice)
  • Greatly reduced risk of injuries – compared to weightlifting and gym machines
  • Reduced friction and strain on joints – compared to weight lifting and many other forms of exercise
  • Beginner friendly – suitable for all levels of strength, both men and women

Which Muscles Will Be Trained using These Exercises?

Body stabilization triggered by these towel workouts will work your upper body and core a treat! It’s also great for muscle and body coordination. The main muscles hit by these exercises include:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Abdominals and obliques
  • Glutes and lower back

Workout Summary

  1. The Paper Towel Crawl – walk 5 feet forward and back
  2. Running Man – slide your legs for 30 seconds
  3. Wax on, Wax off! (Push-Up Holds) – 10 times for each arm
  4. Sliding Push Ups – Slide each arm 10x each

– Repeat each set 3 times with one-minute break in between each set
– Take a 20-second break before switching to your next movement

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Additional Tips To Optimize Your Towel Workouts

  • Focus on keeping your body stabilized and your core tight
  • Always keep movements slow and controlled
  • If you find an exercise too difficult: decrease the intensity or duration and slowly build up
  • If you find the routine too easy: gradually ramp up intensity or duration until you are working up a sweat
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