The Best Services For TV-Series Nerds

The Best Services For TV-Series Nerds

With the number of awesome TV shows growing every day, any self-respecting TV-series junkie will eventually encounter the problem of how to keep track of all of them, how to choose what to watch, and how to watch everything that interests you without spending your life savings on the cable bill. Let’s take a look at the best possible solutions.

1. Sky

Sky may have started as a televisual entertainment company, but the range of services they offer today is much broader than that. In addition to a great number of packages tailored to the needs of particular groups of customers, which allow you to fine-tune your dealings with the company and pay only for what you really need, Sky offers Internet and telephone services. Such abundance may look overwhelming, but you simply have to contact Sky customer service to get all the assistance you need in choosing a package to suit your needs.


2. Amazon Video

The world seems to be head over heels in love with streaming nowadays, and Amazon Video is one of the two most important players in this market, fighting over your subscriptions with Netflix. Amazon seems to be really putting forward its Amazon Prime subscription (£79/$99 per year), which comes not only with access to the streaming service, but with some additional perks as well: free postage from Amazon’s retail, a Kindle ebook lending library, and Amazon Music Prime streaming service.

However, there is a hitch – Amazon Video doesn’t provide all videos it has with Amazon Prime. Many newer shows will be available only for an additional payment, which can make you feel cheated.


3. Netflix

The main competitor of Amazon Video shows a much more straightforward approach. It is a pure subscription service: after you’ve paid your monthly fee, there will be no extra charges, and you get full access to the entire library available in your country.

Right now, the choice between Netflix and Amazon Video heavily depends on the country you live in. For example, in the UK, Netflix offers almost twice as much choice as its competitor. If you are in doubt, you can always try the 30-day trials offered by both services before committing to anything.


4. iTunes

Of course, iTunes is not a subscription service, but a store. This means that once you buy something, it is yours forever. It is more suited to those who watch the same shows multiple times and want that pleasant sense of ownership that just doesn’t come with rentals — which are available here as well, by the way.

5. Hulu

A viable alternative to the Amazon Video and Netflix, Hulu is unfortunately available only in the USA and Japan, but for those living there it offers a wide choice of films and shows for a reasonable subscription fee. Its additional distinctive feature is that it streams a selection of anime titles from many distributors, such as Funimation, Bandai Visual, and TMS Entertainment, so those whose interests lie in this direction should certainly check it out.


6. Google Play

A more readily available alternative to Hulu, Google Play is available in more countries and offers a flexible store and rental service, with purchases that can be shared among up to five devices. Although somewhat less popular than the alternatives, Google can be trusted to perfect their service with time.

Finding the best arrangement to meet your watching needs may be tough, but it is certainly worth it. When you have all your video entertainment provided by one source and don’t pay for what you don’t need, you can considerably lower your expenses — and spend less time wondering what to watch next.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2019

10 Small Changes To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

10 Small Changes To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

Your house is more than just a building that you live in. It should be a home that makes you feel welcome as soon as you open the front door.

Making your house feel like a home is not something that simply happens on its own. You need to make some changes to a house when you move in, to give it that cozy, warm feeling that turns it into a true home. To help you speed the process, follow this guide to 10 small changes to make your house feel like a home.

1. Make the Windows Your Own

When you move into a home, they often come with boring Venetian blinds or less than attractive curtains.

One of the best ways you can instantly warm your home and make it showcase your style is to add some new window dressing. Adding beautiful curtains not only improves your home’s appearance, but it can also help to control the temperature.

2. Put up Some Art

If you have a lot of bare walls in your home, it will seem sterile no matter how beautiful your paint or wallpaper is.


Hanging art on the walls will instantly give it personality and make it feel like home.

3. Improve the Aroma

A house that is not filled with inviting smells will never feel like a home. There are loads of ways you can make your home smell nice. There are tons of air fresheners on the market you can use.

Incense and scented candles are a nice option as well. Don’t forget that baking in a home is also a great way to fill it with an aroma that instantly smells like home as soon as you open the front door.

4. Put out Lots of Pillows and Throws

A great way to make your home look warm and inviting is to place lots of pillows and throws out on the furniture. It is much better to have too many pillows than not enough.

There is nothing like the feeling of sinking into a cushiony pillow that feels like a cloud to make you feel like you are at home.


5. Instantly Class up Your Closet

If your closet is filled with wire or plastic hangers, it will never truly feel homey. To instantly make your closet feel classy, change out your old hangers for wooden ones.

Not only do they look great, but they are better for hanging your clothes as well.

6. Improve Your Air Quality

One of the most overlooked ways to make your house feel more like a home is to improve its air quality.

The easiest and best way to upgrade the air quality in your home is to change the old, dirty filters in your furnace regularly. Get some air filters delivered to your home so that you always have some on hand.

7. Fill it with Plants

Another way to improve the air quality in your home is to fill it with plants. You should have plants in every room of your home.


They help to improve the air quality and they look beautiful. As well as making your home appear homier, plants also help to boost your mood and lower your stress levels.

8. Change the Doorknobs

Most people don’t really give their doorknobs a second thought unless they are broken. That is a shame because changing your doorknobs is an easy way to add personality to your home.

Changing your old, boring doorknobs to new ones that are works of art will instantly brighten your home.

9. Upgrade Your Tub or Shower

There is nothing like luxuriating in a whirlpool bath or steam shower to make the cares of the day melt away. Your family deserves a bit of luxury when they are in their bathroom.

Install a new shower or tub today to make your bathroom worthy of a place in your home.


10. Fresh Cut Flowers

You can make any room in your house feel homier by placing a vase full of beautiful flowers in it. The gorgeous look and intoxicating aroma of fresh cut flowers will immediately brighten your day when you encounter them.

You don’t have to make all these changes at once. Try one or two a day though, and your house will feel like a home before you know it. The trick is to constantly keep adding these homey touches to make your home a place worthy of its name.

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