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The 50 Push-Up Challenge: Day 1

Written by Lordy
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Push-up 1

    Why you need to do a Push-Up Challenge?

    The classic push-up comes close a perfect exercise challenging multiple muscle groups in the arms, chest, back, and core to build overall function strength.

    How far can you go?

    You can do 50 reps in a month’s time if you follow the plan!

    How will the plan be like?

    Instead of rolling out 50 regular push-ups in a row, you’ll start from 5 reps on Day 1 and add up 2-5 reps each day.

    This plan gives your upper body a day of rest every two or three days, but feel free to strength train other areas of the body on those rest days.

    What’s the correct way of doing push-up?

    You can refer to the excellent tutorial here.

    Credits to POPSUGAR Fitness

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