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Make Your Walls Pop with These Cool Ideas

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A typical room has four walls, so that’s four times the opportunity for decoration. Say goodbye to typical plain walls and hello to your new canvases! Here are some cool ideas to make your walls pop.

Unique Wall Decor

When you think of wall decor, you may think of the decor options you see in stores. Stray away from the usual wall art and photo frames and be original. Unique wall decor could mean hanging up your old favorite guitar on the wall or creating your own version of a wall clock with the arms pointing to different wooden pieces or decorative items. It’s all about personalizing and letting your home reflect who you are. Do you enjoy flowers? Hang some painted mason jars from your wall and place fake flowers inside. Have an interest in mirrors? Create a mirror collage on one of your walls with mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard walls are creative and versatile, and they’re something all ages can get in on. When placed in children’s bedrooms or playrooms, children can create masterpieces over and over again. Besides, what child doesn’t like the idea of drawing on the walls? Placing a chalkboard wall in the kitchen is ideal for recording recipes and creating lists. Last but not least, they’re perfect for artistic people. A work of art can stay for weeks, or it can be easily wiped clean for a new creation.

Wall Alcoves

Wall alcoves add a special touch to a flat wall, and can even help to save space! A wall alcove is created by inserting an archway, leaving an open space in-between for something to be placed within. Whether it’s a tall vase, a statue, a bookshelf, or glass plates, the decor of choice will stand out when placed inside the alcove.

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Custom Wall Design

    Rustic Walls

    Repurposed wood rustic walls add a warm and cozy feeling to any room, along with texture. Rustic walls also make for great accent walls. If you’re not ready to commit to covering all four walls with wood, you can do just the one. The great thing about wood walls is that it most likely matches with your existing furniture and decor; almost every color goes well with wood.

    Wall Quotes

    Do you have a favorite quote or song lyric? If so, you should know that they’re sold in sticker form for easy application on walls. Wall quotes make for great decoration, as well as daily inspiration as you walk by. When you’re ready for a new quote or song lyric, they can be removed without causing any damage. Another way to go about this is painting. If you can’t find your quote or lyric already made up, let stencils help you do the job. Besides, this allows for more creativity and that personal touch!


    For those who love maps, geography or traveling, investing in a map for one of your walls can be the perfect fit. You can purchase a world map for show or you can personalize your own, marking the places you or your family has been and the places you wish to travel to in the future. This involves decorating your walls and is something for the family to do together: it’s a double win! Another idea for travel lovers, or those who just love a state or country, is a photo collage in that state or country’s shape. Whether it’s photos from traveling to that place or photos that show how much you love your home, a map can make for a great addition to the wall.

    Making home renovations is a process, but the walls are a great starting point. Your walls will soon be the spotlight of all your guests’ attention. Who knew there were so many options when it came to the walls?

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