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48 Men Tell Us Things They’ve Been Hearing Too Much In Their Lives

As feminists gain more and more rights for women, and as minorities fight tooth and nail for equality, it is easy to ignore the pain and shame most men endure as they grow up. Fortunately, these 48 men were brave enough to tell Huffington Post exactly what cruel, cutting phrases they hear too much. Here are the lessons they shared with us:

1. Toys should never be gender-specific.

2. Colors, neither.

3. Everyone has the right to show his or her emotions.

4. Strength is important ― but there is more to a person than how much he or she can lift.

5. Any fist can hurt, no matter who that fist belongs to — but words can hurt more.

6. This should be a compliment, not an insult.

7. Asking questions should be informative, not insensitive and cruel.

8. No one should be subjected to such tactless peer pressure.

9. Because there is more to life.

10. Giving and receiving love from one’s mother should be cherished, not scorned.

11. Just as women come in all shapes and sizes, men don’t conform to a single body type.

12. Hair (or lack thereof) does not determine a person’s worth.

13. It is bad enough reducing a woman to body parts, but forcing men into one of two groups is painful.

14. Having sex is an inherently personal choice, not a marker of social success.

15. In fact, nice guys usually lead the happiest and most fulfilling lives.

16. Your dating style is determined by your personality (and maybe your sign), not what others tell you.

17. Gender is no excuse for bad behavior.

18. Everyone knows the brightly colored drinks are the tastiest.

19. It is shameful that finding a caring and compex man is a source of surprise.

20. Again, comparing a man to a woman as an insult is inappropriate.

21. Enforcing heteronormative roles is naïve and insenstive.

22. What happened to ‘size doesn’t matter?’

23. Only you and your partner have the right to an opinion regarding your sexual encounter.

24. This is ignorant.

25. This is malicious on so many levels.

26. As if your girlfiend can’t decide for herself whom she can speak with.

27. Violence is never, never, appropriate, and violence never, never, shows your worth.

28. This term is offensive to anyone, no matter your gender.

29. The history of this insult is much more brutal than you might know.

30. Does anyone actually know what this means?

31. Face it: Everyone loves Adele, and no one should be abused for it.

32. It’s unreasonable to assume that anyone could keep a dry eye during ‘Up.’

33. Because free speech applies to everyone, even women in relationships.

34. The power structure of relationships has changed, but some people don’t understand.

35. As women enter traditionally male careers, men move into traditionally female positions. It’s good for everyone.

36. This is insulting no matter who you are or what you do.

37. Why should a person be foced to abandon his or her identity if he or she doesn’t want to?

38. Salary is important — only insofar as it provides shelter, food, and comfort, not prestige.

39. Nothing should be able to take away a person’s confidence.

40. It’s a choice. And no one can judge.

41. Dancing is a human desire, not a gendered one.

42. It is dangerous to set such negative expectations on an entire gender.

43. Most times, possessions are just possessions.

44. Fatherly protection should only extend so far.

45. In fact, there are more prolific male chefs than female chefs.

46. Both people wear the pants, because everyone can wear whatever he or she wants.

47. Everyone gets older; it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

48. That time is the past, present, and future. Men will always be men, no matter how they act, what they like, or why they make their choices.

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