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46 Expert Tips to Achieve Addictive Content Creation

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If you’re a content creator or content marketer, you know how it can be difficult to create content that people actually see. Every minute:

  • Blog writers post 1400 new blog posts
  • Facebook users share 2,460,000 pieces of content
  • Twitter users tweet 277,000 times
  • Pinterest users pin 3,472 images
  • Youtube users upload 72 hours of new video
  • Instagram users post 216,000 new photo
  • Email users send 204,000,000 messages

With so much content being created every minute, you need to find ways to make your content stand out from the pack. The first step is creating really great content–content that readers or viewers will not only enjoy, but find addictive. When content is addictive, it draws people back to it over and over again. People go to your blog or Instagram page or YouTube channel to get their fix.

Addictive content is how you develop a following. What makes your content addictive? It can be a number of different things. People may be drawn to your content because of the depth of research you go into in each article; they may be drawn to the notable quality of the images that you use; or they may appreciate your unusual opinions. People may even return to your content simply because of your writing’s humorous voice.

But creating great content is only the first step. After all, what’s more disappointing than spending the time, energy and effort creating something you’re proud of, only for it to disappear into the sea of web content, unnoticed? If you want your content to be read, you need to promote it. That means more than just Tweeting it out–odds are it will only disappear in the piles and piles of headlines people skim over on their Twitter feeds. You need to take promotion into your own hands by doing things like reaching out to influencers and contributing guest content to other sites to get your name out there.

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Equipped with the right creative content strategy, you will be able to create content that is addictive, that people actually read, and that people return to over and over again.

This infographic gathers tips and tricks from 46 content experts for addictive content creation and effective content promotion.

Infographic by Venngage

    Featured photo credit: Venngage via infograph.venngage.com

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