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How and When To Post on Social Media

How and when you post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic you are able to garner from these social platforms. While this may not be important to passive social media users, it certainly is to bloggers and businesses who leverage a social media marketing strategy to grow their reach, increase engagement, and encourage click-throughs.

Instead of sifting through multiple studies to piece together information on the different platforms, has created a useful infographic on the optimal times to post. Furthermore, the graphic also discusses the worst times to post, how to use hashtags, the ideal number of updates per day, and platform image sizes for each website.

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy to mention that results for your specific audience may differ depending on your target demographic and their online habits. While this may be a wonderful guide, bloggers and businesses should track and analyze their own traffic patterns to identify the ideal posting times for their readers.

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