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17 Hacks That Every Parent Is Looking For

As a parent, you’re always juggling six things at the same time. Any help is appreciated, right?

Here are 17 practical tips on how to make parenting easier for you, and, at the same time, more fun for your children. 

1. If you have more than one child, use the dot method to identify their clothing.

2. Make a kid-friendly bracelet with your phone number on it.

3. Put your kids to work by turning chores into a fun game.

4. Get a baby stroller/scooter to make walks through the park a little more fun.

5. Use this reusable babysitter info sheet to make things easier for you and your babysitter.

6. Use sprinkles to make boring foods turn into tasty ones.

7. Use a sturdy, cardboard box to make a slide on the stairs.

8. Create a kid-sized hammock with some fabric and a table.

9. This cute baby mop suit lets your child crawl and help out around the house at the same time.

10. Teach your children how to dress modestly.

11. Scare away big, bad monsters with this “secret formula.”

12. An inflatable pool makes a great playpen for babies.

13. A cut pool noodle will prevent little fingers from getting slammed in doors.

14. Give them temporary tattoos in case they get lost during an outing.

15. Use glue and glitter to make “Tooth Fairy Money.”

16. Keep your kids organised with this simple idea.

17. Pool noodles are great for protection.

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