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Time Management

Tips for Productivity: Productive Panda VS Lethargic Panda

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
— Paul J. Meyer

What we do today is what we will be tomorrow, so what we choose to do has always a critical role in our life, and affects our future. So, we can choose to give ourselves the gift of enjoying tomorrow everything we are working for, or to leave ourselves with nothing, destined to regret what we don’t feel like doing today.Here’s a nice infographic representing 2 typical profiles – the productive individual, also known as productive panda, and the procrastinator, also known as lethargic panda – with all the related behaviors and attitudes.
In other words, you will find a list of good behaviors to imitate, that can help you be more efficient and successful, and a black list of wrong behaviors to avoid.
Enjoy it!

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