5 Things You Can Do to Make a Positive Impact in 2016

5 Things You Can Do to Make a Positive Impact in 2016

The new year brings with it the opportunity to start fresh; to lay down a blank canvas and begin a new and exciting journey. It is a chance to clear your mind of the negatives that may have troubled you from the past, and to look towards a positive future.

It’s hard to resist reverting back to old habits or ways, and the future is a roll of a dice that doesn’t always land in your favor. The unexpected, and often times erratic nature of life means you must do everything you can to make everything within your control positive.

Having a set of carefully planned things you can do will ensure your impact on 2016 is as positive as you can make it. There exists a plethora of these kinds of options, but it’s important to note that not every action may be possible for everybody. That is why you must take into consideration your unique circumstances, and establish what things will best help you and your life.


Here are 5 of the best things you can do to ensure you leave 2016 behind having left a positive impact.

1. Get in shape, be healthy, and feel good.

Looking after your health is undoubtedly the most essential of all of the potential changes you can make. Falling ill or feeling unwell all the time can severely impact your potential.

Not everything to do with health and wellbeing is in your control, but the things that are should be looked over with a watchful eye.


Being in shape is one of the best ways to put your mind on track to becoming strong and confident. You don’t need a strict workout regimen to become fit and healthy – you just need to remain active and be on the move. Taking up a hobby or activity with a close friend or partner that gets you active is a great way to get in shape and have fun at the same time. Not only will you be staying fit, but the weekly (or daily) things you choose to do will be an enjoyment rather than a chore.

Diet is also one of those things that can be completely within your control (granted, with a few exceptions). If you’re genuinely lost about foods that are nutritional and healthy, seek out the help of a nutritionist for a diet that’s designed with your unique circumstances in mind.

2. Help others in need.

If you have the ability to help others that are worse off than you, who are having a rough time, and are in need, you should seriously consider doing so. Not everybody has full control over their circumstances, and sometimes a little help can go a long way. You don’t have to set aside a large chunk of your time or money every week to help out at a homeless shelter (although, that definitely would be positive), as even small things mean a lot to many people in need. After all, it’s the thought that counts! One random act of kindness from you, can mean another person’s entire day has been made.


3. Try something new.

Sometimes going out of your comfort zone can be the best decision you’ve made in a while. It gives you the chance to take new perspectives and to see things from a different point of view. Going out and trying something different, especially something you thought you wouldn’t like, can often times garner unexpected results. Even if your intuition is proved correct, you still added another experience to your personal repertoire, and if nothing extremely bad happens, what’s the harm?

Perhaps you’ve always been intrigued by something, but have never had the incentive or the drive to try it. You never know what something will give you unless you try it, and giving up on something before you even give it a chance is definitely not the way to make 2016 positive.

4. See the world

You can only do so much in the small place you call home. Going abroad can give you an opportunity to do more things, and have a greater positive impact on the new year. Seeing new places gives you a better understanding on what life is like in different corners of the world. You’ll have a greater insight into how people conduct their lives, and have a broader understanding of what the world is like.


Gaining new experiences, and opening yourself up to different ways of thinking will also have a positive impact on you personally- not to mention those who you may come into contact with on your travels.

5. Decide what’s important in your life, and cut out what isn’t.

Everything that’s important to you must be taken care of, and everything else must be disregarded. Things that drag you behind, that hinder you from doing the things you love, from being a better person, from having a positive impact, have to be let go. This can mean anything, from negative people, to bad habits, to things that you simply don’t need anymore.

The things that are truly important to you should always have priority. The hard part is deciding what stays, and what goes. What do you enjoy doing? What gives you utter satisfaction, and what do you love? Do those things, be around those people, and keep that stuff that makes you happy.

Making sure your priorities are in order means your happiness is in order. Being a happy, life loving person means you’ll have ample ability to make a positive stamp on the new year. Let go of the things that you don’t need, of the things that give you nothing but negativity, and cherish and grow the things that help you be a better you.

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Last Updated on November 22, 2019

9 Harsh But True Illustrations that Show Our Changed Society

9 Harsh But True Illustrations that Show Our Changed Society

Let’s face it.  We are living in a digital age, and there is absolutely no turning back. One of the biggest influences on society these days is social media. It affects us both positively and negatively. Social media was originally designed for people to share interesting facets of their lives with their friends, but it has become so much more than what it intended to be. It is now a medium for information to pass around the globe. In many cases, people first learn about current events through Twitter or Facebook before hearing about them from conventional news sources.

We also rely on technology for nearly everything we do. People these days seem as if they can’t go anywhere or do anything without their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. They need to be in constant contact with others via electronic devices.

However, there is also a downside to be too connected to social media and electronic devices. We are too dependent on them, which make us oblivious to what we are doing to ourselves. Being too connected can have a negative effect on our lives and the society as a whole. Here are 9 true illustrations that show how our society is negatively impacted because of the use of technology.

1. Facebook is eating away at your time.

Facebook is eating away your time

    How much time do you usually spend each day on Facebook or other social networking sites? Is it hindering your productivity? Do you find yourself wasting time to a point where you don’t even know where it goes? If the answer is yes, Facebook might have eaten away at your time.


    2. We’ve become “Likeaholics.”


      When you are posting something on Facebook, are you doing it just to see how many of your friends will give it the proverbial thumbs up? This illustration shows that some people are treating “Likes” on Facebook as if it was a drug they needed to inject into their bloodstreams.

      3. Our electronics have priority over our lives.


        Given a choice between your dying phone battery or you dying, which will you choose? In this case, the man in this illustration chose to charge his phone over to sustain his own life. As a society, we need to be more careful of our priorities.


        4. Families aren’t spending quality time together.

        mother baking

          Here is a mother making holiday cookies, but what are the kids doing? They are not making cookies with their mother. Instead, every one of them has their faces buried in their own electronic devices. Television used to be what parents use to babysit their kids. Now, it’s a tablet, phone, laptop or video game that does the job.

          5.  We’d rather record someone than help them.


            A lot is happening in this illustration. A black man is drowning and asking for help. One person has a gun pointed at him. The other person has their iPhone pointed at him and is recording the scene, but is not interested to help this man.


            6. Society is sleeping, it’s sleeping its life away.

            sleeping your life away

              Time is money. After we have wasted the long period of time on social media, we are losing the most valuable currency we have – our time in this world.

              7.  Despite all the technology we have, we still want what someone else has.

              wanting what someone else is having

                There’s an old saying that goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” This illustration shows that despite all that we have, we are still not satisfied with our lives.


                8. Sensationalism still sells.

                free expression

                  With the information overload that exists today, the media still looks for sensationalism. Here’s a woman who feels she has something important to say, but the media only cares about her because she is naked. Would the news media still have microphones in front of her if she wasn’t standing there topless?

                  9. In the end, with all of this, we are still killing the planet.

                  gun to mother earth

                    This last illustration argues that despite all of our technological gains, we are still polluting the earth as if we have a virtual gun pointed at Mother Nature. As we build bigger cities and higher technology, how much more damages can we continue to do before putting our lives at risk?

                    Featured photo credit: Jens Johnsson via

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