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Updated: January 10, 2016

10 Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

Getting sexual with your partner during pregnancy is nothing but a normal activity married couples do while expecting. However, there are certain limitations to expect while having intercourse with your partner. It should be a mutual decision between couples if they want to enhance their sex life over the nine month period. Needless to say, a woman’s body is something that should be treated with gentleness and with high respect. On this note, her partner should be willing to compromise and make conscious sacrifice when giving sexual pleasures towards each other.

Consult your physician on sex positions while pregnant

Rough and extreme sex is obviously a big no-no when planning to indulge in a sexual activity with a pregnant woman. Both parties should be aware that all sex positions while pregnant have a certain amount of impact to the growing baby. Should they decide to take things up a notch in the bedroom, it’s essential that they first consult a doctor before proceeding.

During this process, the couple shouldn’t feel embarrassed to open up about the subject with their respective physician. It’s best that they lay out all their questions to make sure they don’t jeopardize both the mother’s and baby’s life – especially if a sensitive pregnancy is ongoing.

With all things considered, you may check out this top 10 best sex positions while pregnant we’ve rounded up for you and your partner:

1. Modified missionary position:

With the woman lying on her back and her legs spread out, the man enters her while being careful not to place his weight on his partner. If this feels uncomfortable at first, try propping a couple of pillows for easier intercourse.

2. Woman on top position:

Done during the woman’s third trimester, having her sit on top can allow for comfort while keeping her belly out of the way. This position also permits the woman to have control when she feels the pressure is rising.

3. Scissors position:

Experts recommend this sex position simply because it allows the penetration to be performed in a gentle and slower motion. If you’re partner is experiencing a sensitive pregnancy, this might be the suitable position for her condition.

4. Edge of the bed position:

Have the woman lie on her back by the edge of the bed, with her knees bent while placing the feet on the edge. The man stands facing her, similar to a classic missionary. Only this time, he won’t be putting his weight on his partner.

5. On the couch position:

Have your woman kneel on a comfortable couch with her belly facing the back portion. As the man use his arms for support, he penetrates from behind.

6. Reverse Cowgirl position:

Do this while having the woman on top in a reverse position. Facing your partner’s feet, this position will keep your weight off your belly while allowing you to control the pace and pressure.

7. Queen takes king position:

Find a sturdy chair (with arms) for the man to sit on it. With enough lubrication, have the woman on her back while she places her hands on the chair’s arms and sits down on the penis. Placing his hands on her hips, he can control the movement by raising and lowering her.

8. Lazy sex position:

Facing in opposite directions, the woman and man scissor their legs together for slow and gentle pressure.

9. Side by side position:

Similar to spooning, the side by side position will be a bit trickier when it comes to penetration. To do this, the couple should cross their legs over each other’s. The advantage of this position is the comfort with no weight of the other partner’s body.

10. Sitting position:

Have your man sit on a sturdy chair or on the edge of the bed while you straddle him. Another option is that the woman can sit in an armchair while his back is leaning slightly. Have the woman’s legs around her partner as he kneels in front during penetration.

Now that you have the list to keep your sex life healthy during pregnancy, consider discussing each preferred position to your partner with an open-mind. What sounds great and exciting for you might not be pleasurable to her. Weigh-in on other options and be mindful about how it may affect your baby in the long run.

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