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Fans of Clutter, How Much Stuff Do You Actually Own?

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It’s a pretty safe bet to say that most of us own quite a bit of stuff. Some of us may believe that everything we own serves a purpose in our everyday lives. Some may like to collect things. Either way, it’s likely we have much more stuff than we actually need to survive.

With the beginning of the year, many people may decide that one of their new years resolutions is to remove the clutter out of their life and lead an organised and tidy lifestyle. It was reported that 54% of Americans felt overwhelmed by the clutter in their homes, which led of 78% people finding it far too stressful and complicated to actually act upon and deal with.

In a 2012 video series by the University of California it was reported that the average household possessed:

  • 39 pairs of shoes
  • 90 DVDs or videos
  • 139 toys
  • 212 CDs
  • 438 books and magazines

The latest infographic from CashNetUSA has taken to look at just what we may be secretly hoarding in our homes and, when put in to perspective, it could maybe make us stop to realise whether we actually need those extra pair of shoes.


    Featured photo credit: Spykster via flickr.com

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