The World’s 10 Best Restaurants of 2015

The World’s 10 Best Restaurants of 2015

No1. El Celler de Can Roca


Josep Roca



        No2. Osteria Francescana


        Osteria Francescana_Dish 1_2015

          Osteria Francescana_Dish 3_2015



                No3. Noma

                COPENHAGEN, DENMARK

                Noma_Dish 1_2015
                  Noma_Dish 3_2015


                        No4. Central

                        LIMA, PERU

                        Central_Dish 2_2015



                              image description

                                No5. Eleven Madison Park

                                NEW YORK, USA


                                    No6. Mugaritz

                                    SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN



                                        Mugaritz_Dish 3_2015

                                          No7. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

                                          LONDON, UK


                                              No8. Narisawa

                                              TOKYO, JAPAN

                                              Narisawa_Dish 1_2015
                                                Narisawa_Dish 3_2015


                                                      No9. D.O.M.

                                                      SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL


                                                          No10. Gaggan

                                                          BANGKOK, THAILAND




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