15 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

15 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

In this digital era, it is possible that you are managing a large number of projects involving online marketing campaigns, consulting, website auditing, email marketing, etc. And if you are doing these things, you may spend a lot of time manually doing a bunch of tedious tasks.

But what if I told you that many of your tasks can be automated?

It’s true! There are number of tools that can help you automate some of your more routine tasks, which can save you hours. In this article, I have listed the best marketing tools to help you to kick your efforts up a notch; now I will take the liberty to suggest 15 digital marketing tools that can make your life easier.

I have categorized these tools according to their work nature, which will eventually help you better understand them.

Digital Marketing Tools by Category

The four categories are:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Tools

1. Webbee SEO Spider

webbee seo spider

    Webbee is a desktop based SEO Spider tool (developed by Webbee Inc.—a digital marketing agency) which swiftly crawls your website in the same way a search engine bot does. It helps you identify your website’s strengths & weaknesses and give reports on things like sitemaps, Meta data, H-Tags, response codes, internal links, anchor-texts, keyword audit and much more. This powerful tool is a must-have for any marketer looking to add some serious value to their marketing arsenal.

    Free Trial
    Yes (30 days Free Trial)

    Free + Paid (Starts at $ 15/mo)

    2. DeepCrawl


      DeepCrawl is the world’s most comprehensive online website crawler. It analyses your website architecture to understand and monitor technical issues to improve SEO performance.

      Employing best practice and creating technically sound website architecture means your site will be easy to navigate for both users and search engines, ensuring your site is optimized for organic rankings. There’s no point having a great content or link-building strategy if you haven’t got the basics right.

      Free Trial

      Paid (Start at $80/mo)

      3. Google Search Console



        Google Search Console is the updated name for formerly known Google Webmaster Tools. Google changed the name on May, 2015.

        Google Search Console is a tool that every website owner, webmaster, web marketer and Search Engine Optimizer can use to monitor and maintain their website’s presence in Google search results. It is a free service offered by Google.

        Main features of this tool are: Search Appearance, Search traffic, Google Index, Crawl status, Security Issues and many other resources.


        4. Raven Tools

        raven tools

          Thousands of marketers use Raven to schedule marketing reports, discover on-page SEO issues, and manage their marketing campaigns.

          Automating your reporting process saves countless hours since you no longer have to deal with spreadsheets or pasting together data from multiple sources. You can finally report on rankings, analytics, SEO, social media, and advertising data all in one place.

          Free Trial
          Yes (30 days Free Trial)

          Paid (Start at $99/mo)

          5. SEMrush


            SEMrush is the top online competitive research tool for digital marketing professionals. Know what your competition is doing today! Peak into your competitors’ ads, spends, and clicks, as well as their highest-performing keywords and take advantage of what they are missing.

            SEMrush’s deep data has helped 500,000 users worldwide formulate actionable keyword research and traffic reporting for SEO and Content Marketing, and develop insightful digital marketing campaigns for your company or client with their tools. Build your campaign with informed research in international markets (with 26 country-based search databases) and gather customizable reports with historical performance and trends in an easy-to-understand format.

            Free Trial
            10 Requests per Day

            Paid (Start at $69.75/mo)

            6. Ahrefs



              Ahrefs started out as a backlink analysis tool, allowing marketers to quickly discover which websites link to their own site and, more importantly, to their competitors. As search engines have long used
              link popularity as a key factor in ranking websites this made it a cinch to discover how competitors were ranking, replicate their links, and ultimately, outrank them. While link analysis is still one of
              Ahrefs key features, the tool has grown into a full SEM suite which now includes tools for analysing competitor content, discovering which keywords they rank for, which paid ads they are running and more.

              Free Trial
              Yes (14 days Free Trial)

              Paid (Start at $79/mo)

              7. Moz


                Moz Pro is a collection of tools built to help marketing professionals improve their SEO and earn more organic traffic from search engines. The toolset focuses on the four pillars of search engine optimization: keywords, crawl, rankings, and links. Their software tracks your progress against the competition, identifies errors and missed opportunities, and nudges you on areas to improve.

                Free Trial
                Yes (30 days Free Trial)

                Paid (Start at $99/mo)

                Website Analytics Tools

                8. Google Analytics


                  Google Analytics is the must-have tool for traffic analysis. It provides you advanced website analytics that will help you analyze information like traffic from different search engines, social networks, and mobile devices etc., number of visitors on your website, how they make their way through sales funnel and what they do on your website in real time.


                  9. Kissmetrics


                    Kissmetrics is an analytics tool that helps marketers increase conversions and make better marketing and growth decisions. Kissmetrics is different because it ties every visit and action on your website to a person—even if they’re using multiple devices.

                    Kissmetrics believe less is more (so much, that “Keep It Simple” is part of their name). By simply showing marketers what’s working and what’s not, they can focus on growing their business without getting drowned in massive data. Kissmetrics gives users only the data they need to answer their most important questions.

                    Free Trial
                    Yes (14 days Free Trial)

                    Paid (Start at $200/mo)


                    10. Crazy Egg


                      Crazy Egg is a usability and conversion tool that helps websites convert more visitors into followers. Through reporting such as heatmaps and scrollmaps, as well as a/b testing, you can optimize your sales with Crazy Egg.

                      Free Trial
                      Yes (30 days Free Trial)

                      Paid (Start at $9/mo)

                      Content Marketing Tools

                      11. Buzzsumo


                        BuzzSumo is a tool designed to help you create and share better content in three stages:

                        Research: Discover what people are sharing the most in your niche and analyze what topics, headlines, and content formats work.

                        Amplification: Find important influencers around your niche and reach out to them for guest posts, sharing and interview opportunities.

                        Monitoring: Receive content alerts around any subject as new articles are published or use them to track the content of your competitors.

                        Free Trial
                        Yes (14 days Free Trial)

                        Paid (Start at $99/mo)



                          ContentMarketer is an outreach tool that helps you find the email address or twitter username of people you’ve mentioned in an article or via uploading a CSV list of names.

                          You can use Content Marketer to notify those people & companies you mentioned in an article. It can help you to get shares and build a relationship with other influencers. This tool removes manual process of finding contact information and can save a few hours for each content promotion.

                          Free Trial
                          Yes (14 days Free Trial)


                          Paid (Start at $9/mo)

                          Email Marketing Tools

                          13. MailChimp


                            Nowadays millions of people are using MailChimp for email marketing purposes and because of that it has become one of the most dominant email marketing tools in the market. It offers very simple and user-friendly structure, even a newbie can also setup email campaign very easily. You can also design your email to attract users with the help of this tool.

                            This is the first tool offering “freemium” plan i.e. free forever. In free plan it includes up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 e-mails monthly.

                            Free Trial
                            Yes (Forever)

                            Free + Paid (Start at $20/mo)

                            14. GetResponse


                              GetResponse is a complete email marketing and lead generation platform. It is offering SMBs and enterprise clients an effective, all-in-one innovative marketing suite to support their marketing strategy at a price that won’t blow their budget. This mean business owners save time and money, having all their lead generation and nurturing tools in one place, allowing them to focus on creating and delivering the best content to their audience.

                              It cover advanced features such as responsive email design, webinars, landing page creator, web form builder, surveys, email analytics, email automation, and smart list import.

                              Free Trial
                              Yes (30 days Free Trial)

                              Paid (Start at $12.75/mo)

                              15. Aweber


                                Aweber is web-based email marketing software that helps small businesses to automate email follow up and newsletter delivery for increased customer retention and higher sales. It offers very simple templates to create attractive email marketing campaigns for your business.

                                Free Trial
                                Yes (30 days Free Trial)

                                Paid (Start at $19/mo)

                                What Do You Think?

                                I have personally searched these tools and am using them. They are awesome. Or maybe I missed a first-class Tool? Now it’s your turn and I would love to hear from you.

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                                15 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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                                The most effective thing to check out if people really need something is to release a survey and look at the results. So, according to the anonymous survey, 99% of people said Excel shortcuts are critical or important for them.

                                In general, there are more than 200 shortcuts in Excel. But when we have analyzed the data about how many shortcuts people know, we got the next results:

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                                • 61% of people know 10-50 shortcuts;
                                • 10% of people know 50-100 shortcuts.

                                As you can see, not so many people know a lot of shortcuts. Probably, some of them never think about increasing their productivity in such a simple way.

                                Of course, it depends on how deep you use Excel. Some people use this powerful application just for making simple tables or graphs, others use it for everyday work to count something.

                                Most of the accountants and businessmen use much more Excel functions for more complex tasks such as creating VBA macros, managing PivotTables, recalculating huge workbooks, outlining data, etc.

                                But even those people who work with Excel every day very close may know a few shortcuts. Needless to say, they can do their job without shortcuts, but it usually takes for them much more time. T

                                his sounds not funny, especially if you must finish a huge amount of work urgently. There is a great opportunity for you to increase your productivity in Excel and do your job faster with our useful shortcuts.

                                5 Main reasons to learn excel shortcuts

                                Many people don’t understand why they should use shortcuts if they can work without them. Of course, if you use Excel twice per year to make a simple table or a graph, it is probably not so important for you to know many shortcuts.

                                But if you work in Excel every day, sorting huge tables and managing with tons of data, then shortcuts will help you to reach the next five goals:


                                1. Work efficiently and faster in Excel
                                2. Manage big amounts of data easily and fast
                                3. Stay calm and concentrated even while doing a tedious job
                                4. Make your work accurately and properly without errors
                                5. Get a better understanding of Microsoft Excel

                                Who can use Excel shortcuts?

                                There are a lot of people who can simplify their life with Excel shortcuts, and here are the groups that will definitely love using them:

                                • People who work in banks, finance organizations, etc.
                                • Businessmen who make tons of various reports and presentations in Excel for meetings and briefings.
                                • Students who usually are lazy and impatient to make their homework because they don’t want to waste a lot of time working in Excel.
                                • Private entrepreneurs who keep various data in Excel tables.

                                Whether you are a student who hates Excel because it seems a time-wasting and boring application, or you are an accountant who must recalculate huge worksheets every day without making errors, we recommend reading and learning these Excel shortcuts to make your work simpler and save some time.

                                With these simple but useful tricks, it is so easy to finish your job and get more time for yourself.

                                25 Excel shortcuts to increase your productivity

                                Here are 25 great Excel shortcuts you should learn and use for work or studying to make your job faster and simpler. Try to use them all and you will realize you were totally blind before while working in Excel:

                                1. Format whatever object fast with Ctrl+1

                                If you select any object in Excel – a cell, a chart, a chart axis, a drawing object – then press Ctrl+1, and you will get the Properties dialog for the certain object. This shortcut offers a very quick and easy way to format whatever object you’re working with.

                                2. Use range names with Ctrol+G or F5 key

                                If you use range names (which we strongly recommend to do) and you want to choose the range with a specific name references, press either Ctrl+G or the F5 key, which launches the GoTo dialog.

                                If the name is simple, you can click on it in a list in that dialog. But if it’s at all unusual, Excel won’t list it; so you will need to type in the name. Then press OK.

                                3. Use a range name in a formula with =sum( and F3

                                Suppose you want to use a range name in a formula. For example, you want to sum the Sales range. Enter…


                                …and then press F3.

                                When you do so, Excel launches the Paste Name dialog. Just choose “Sales” from the list, press the OK button in the dialog, then enter the SUM function’s closing “)” to complete the formula.

                                4. Launch Function Arguments dialog easily with Ctrl+A

                                Suppose you want to check the help topic for a worksheet function. For example, you want to read about the MATCH function. In a cell, type…


                                …and then press Ctrl+A, or click the Insert Function (“fx“) button to the left of the formula bar.


                                When you do so, Excel displays the Function Arguments dialog, which might offer all the help you need.

                                But if you still want to see the complete help topic, click the blue “Help on this function” hyperlink in the lower-left corner of the dialog. This technique works with all documented Excel functions.

                                5. Copy stuff down the column without scrolling with Ctrl+D

                                If you added a formula in a new column on the right of a huge dataset, and you want to copy that formula down without scrolling, do these steps:

                                • go to the right to the column that has data (the column to the left of the new column with the formula);
                                • press Ctrl+Down – to get to bottom;
                                • move one cell to the right (with arrow key naturally);
                                • press Ctrl+Shift+Up to select the new column, at the top of which is the formula you just created;
                                • press Ctrl+D to fill down the formula.

                                6. Quick access to any function with Alt+

                                By customizing the quick access toolbar, you can create simple shortcuts to commands that you would otherwise have to find in the Ribbon tabs, or macros you have created yourself.

                                The keyboard shortcut is simply selecting Alt+ (the number of the command you wish to select).

                                For example, if you have customized your quick access toolbar to have Calc Sheet, Save, Open. To calculate sheet you would hit Alt+1, for save Alt+2, and for open Alt+3.

                                A lot of people are unaware of this useful function, and it’s a great time saver.

                                7. Format cells with Ctrl+1

                                When you need to format cells, use Ctrl+1. Most people know this as the shortcut for the Format Cells dialog, but you can also use it to format almost anything in Excel, without a care about the state of the ribbon. Try this amazing and simple shortcut!

                                8. Choose visible cells with Alt+

                                When you need to choose visible cells only – use Alt+. This is the trick to copy only what you see. It is a priceless shortcut when you’re manually hiding rows and columns in the table.

                                9. Use filtering

                                Filtering – it is a powerful way to slice, dice, and sort through a huge table of information.

                                It’s amazingly effective when you’re participating in a meeting to discuss something like a sales forecast, and everyone is looking in real-time at your spreadsheet projected on a screen (or on their monitors).

                                To some people, you will be seen as the God of Spreadsheets, and this is not a joke!

                                10. Insert or delete column/row easily with the Ctrl key

                                Some people waste a lot of time even for simple operations, for example, when they need to insert/delete columns and rows in Excel.

                                Use this shortcut to insert: with an entire row or column selected, use Ctrl+Shift ++.


                                To delete: with an entire row or column selected, use Ctrl + –.

                                11. See formula results with F9

                                If you want to check formula results within multiple formulas, highlight the formula and select F9 to see formula result.

                                Don’t forget to undo before exiting the formula.

                                12. Use ALT+Enter for more text within a cell

                                If you want to add a second line of text within a cell, use ALT+Enter.

                                13. Use EDATE to move a date on by a full calendar month:

                                Here’s how to use EDATE:

                                =EDATE(15/01/16,+1) = 15/02/2016 (15th Feb 2016)

                                =EDATE (15/01/2016,-2) = 15/11/2015 (15th Nov 2016)

                                14. Use EOMONTH to move a date onto the end of the month:

                                Here’s how to use EMONTH:

                                =EOMONTH(15/01/2016,0) = 31/01/2016 (31st Jan 2106)

                                =EOMONTH (15/01/2016,-2) = 30/11/2015 (30th Nov 2015)

                                15. Remove spaces with TRIM

                                TRIM is a useful function known by few people. It removes any spaces at the beginning of a value. This is useful if you are pulling in values from somewhere else.

                                16. Repeat commands with F4 or Ctrl+Y

                                In many cases, you may need to repeat your last action. Use F4 or Ctrl+Y; you can repeat many commands like applying the same borders, format, or insert a worksheet again.

                                17. Quick access to cells with the Ctrl key and Shift key

                                When you need to go to the first or last cell of a worksheet, no matter where you are, use Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End combinations.

                                And here is a pleasant bonus for you: add the Shift key to select everything on the way!


                                18. Use Ctrl+ to create a timestamp

                                If you need a date stamp and/or a timestamp in your document, there is no need to type a date and time! Use shortcuts Ctrl+ ; (date) Ctrl+Shift+ : (time). It works like a magic and helps to save your time and nerves.

                                19. Use autosum shortcut for sum function anywhere

                                Autosum shortcut – use Alt =. It is a “magic” shortcut of Excel to automatically insert a sum function.

                                You can use this shortcut to sum rows, columns, or even an entire table in one step without wasting your time.

                                20. Use data validation

                                This is an amazing but underutilized tool in Excel, which can be used for a variety of things:

                                • Create dependent drop-down lists;
                                • Create drop-down lists;
                                • Protect/restrict data input of specific cells (without the need for VBA macros).

                                21. Use conditional formatting

                                It can be used for various purposes such as color format or cell format of cells, rows or columns based on dependent cell values or formats.

                                22. Use formula auditing

                                This is a great tool to analyze and trace precedent or dependent cells, check errors and evaluate formulas.

                                The “Watch Window” is a feature to keep a snapshot of an area of the spreadsheet, and then move to another area of the workbook – particularly valuable if you’re managing large spreadsheets or don’t have a second screen.

                                23. Use Scenario Manager to generate summary outputs of a spreadsheet

                                Scenario Manager (under “What-if Analysis”) enables users to generate high-level, summary outputs of a spreadsheet – without the need to replicate the entire workbook.

                                It will present multiple scenarios of a spreadsheet in a succinct, high-level summary worksheet.

                                24. Use INDIRECT to set up large tables

                                INDIRECT makes it easy to set up tables which reference larger tables without a lot of referencing work or cutting and pasting; especially for dynamic spreadsheets.

                                25. Use OFFSET for complicated calculations or formulas

                                OFFSET can be useful for things like calculating YTD numbers or creating formulas that take data in rows and using in columns.

                                The bottom line

                                As you can see, when you have a boring or tedious job to do, the best way to do it fast is not looking for a way how to avoid it, but searching for the shortest variant to do it!

                                That is why we suggest keeping in mind these Excel shortcuts that will help you to save a lot of time and nerves.

                                If it seems hard for you to remember all them, you can print out the list of shortcuts and keep it on your worktable. Use it to search for some help when you need it, and over time, you’ll remember all shortcuts easily.

                                Featured photo credit: Unsplash via

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