5 Best iPhone Apps Of This Fall

5 Best iPhone Apps Of This Fall
Awesome new apps for iPhone are getting released all the time. There are so many of them that it is virtually impossible to keep track of all the new arrivals, even if you concentrate on a few fields that are vital for you. That is why we’ve prepared this list of 5 apps you absolutely must check out this Fall if you want to improve your iPhone experience (and enhance your creativity into the bargain).

1. Ad Blocker by Photo Master Labs


    While desktop owners have mostly solved the problem of annoying ads long ago, Safari users weren’t that lucky. The issue of traffic is a much more important one for mobiles to begin with. This Ad Blocker is an app that really blocks all ads on iPhone – literally. Everything that was annoying you and eating up your precious traffic: awful screen grabbing banners, redirects to auto-playing videos, scripts, popups – all this is gone once you’ve installed this app. In addition to saving traffic and your nerve cells, it greatly improves the overall speed of surfing, makes video watching smoother, and makes web experience more pleasant and secure in general. All blacklists are updated regularly, so you may be sure you stay advert-less for as long as you use it.


    2. Selfie Camera by Filterra, Inc.


      Selfie Camera is certainly one of the best apps for selfie lovers, as it was designed specifically with them in mind. It is supposed to be used with a selfie stick, removing the need for awkward arm stretching. Built-in timers, an ability to take numerous snaps in one go, several dozens of filters aimed at giving your portraits that stylish and cool look you’ve always wanted – everything is packed in one little app. The best thing of all is this app is entirely free.


      3. IceCream by I Love IceCream Ltd.

      Another excellent app for those who love to make a lot of photos and regularly run out of place to keep them all. Developed by an MIT graduate who used to run into similar problems with his own iPhone, this clever little app uses algorithms of its own to clean up space on your iPhone for 250, 1,000 or 2,500 additional photos in just a couple of quick taps. What is especially attractive about it is that it backs up smaller portions of your data at a time while almost immediately providing you with additional space, rather than doing it in one big bulk like iCloud.

      4. Snap Palette by Peter Gilmour

      Snap Palette is exactly what it says on the tin. From now on you can simply snap a picture of a scene you like and create an entire palette of colors from it. The app will automatically identify the color HEX codes and present you with a palette you can freely use for whatever end you like. It can be of great help for any artist, designer, or photographer, especially during the Fall, when the world is ablaze with reds and yellows.


      5. Overcast by Overcast Radio, LLC


        Good news for all podcast lovers – Overcast has already been one of the best apps for listening to them. Now, with the latest update, it is free. In addition to that, you can now stream an episode without downloading it, get recommendations from real people via different sources (e.g. Twitter), and use chapters for navigation.



        Finding apps that ideally suit you may be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know for sure what you are looking for. Make sure to check these apps out and share your own opinions.

        If you liked this post, go ahead and download the newest apps of this Fall. Good luck!

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        Last Updated on September 25, 2019

        7 Best Project Management Apps to Boost Productivity

        7 Best Project Management Apps to Boost Productivity

        Project management doesn’t need to be a complicated thing, not if you have apps that make things a whole lot simpler. When you have project management apps, you can take care of your team, tasks and deadlines, without even being in the office. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to get most of the apps you might need.

        Here are the 7 best project management apps to super boost your team’s productivity:

        1. Basecamp

          It’s probably the most well-known project management app out there. It allows you to organize projects that act as a central location for everything and contains such things as to-do lists, notes, events, files, and much more.

          It is user-friendly, and has a free 30-day trial period. After that, the plan is $99 per month.

          Find out more about Basecamp here.


          2. Asana

            If you are looking for something that is not difficult to use, check out Asana. This is a great task management app that can be used for managing projects as well.

            In a nutshell, Asana helps you create and share task lists with your team. The app is simple but smart enough and has got a lot of integrations. Teams with up to 15 members can use Asana for free. Teams with 15 members and up can choose plans that range from $10.99 per month.

            Find out more about Asana here.

            3. Casual

              This is a unique app that offers a different way of doing things. On Casual, you plan your tasks just by drawing them as a flowchart. The neat thing is that Casual helps you visualize and track dependencies between tasks.


              This app is incredibly intuitive and works great for personal projects, as well as for organizing projects for small teams. You can try it for free, and if you don’t like it, there is no obligation to pay for anything.

              Find out more about Casual here.

              4. Trello

                This app is incredibly user-friendly, and is based on Kanban boards. It actually works like a virtual whiteboard with post-it-notes.

                Trello is great for organizing your to-do lists, ideas, and is very easy to use. You can create several boards to use for various projects, and it’s free of cost. Trello is available to iOS and Android users as well.

                Find out more about Trello here.


                5. OmniPlan

                  This is an awesome app for iPhone and iPad users. If you love Gantt charts, this is definitely an app that you can get a lot out of.

                  You start out by creating a simple project outline. Then you can use the app to help you through every step of the project until its completion.

                  A standard plan for iOS costs just $99.99, and the pro plan is only $199.99.

                  Find out more about OmniPlan here.

                  6. Podio


                    This is a great app for medium and large-sized teams working on projects. The special point about Podio is that there are additional features such as CRM and social intranet.

                    There are four different packages: Free, which is free for up to five employees and five external users; Basic, which is $9 per month per employee; Plus, which is $14 per month per employee, and Premium, which is $24 per month per employee.

                    Find out more about Podio here.

                    7. Microsoft Project

                      This is one of the most commonly-used project management apps. However, it is also one of the most difficult apps to use. It does have a lot of features that are popular with project managers, which is why we have chosen to include in on this list. You can customize reports, track burn rates, and stay on track until projects are complete.

                      The basic plan starts with $7 per month, which allows you project team members to collaborate in the cloud, via web browser or mobile.

                      Find out more about Microsoft Project here.

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