10 Personal Qualities You Should Learn From The #Bossy Tina Fey

10 Personal Qualities You Should Learn From The #Bossy Tina Fey

It’s hard to imagine a time before the bossy queen of comedy gave us sage advice in a neatly wrapped package of comedy and satire. Tina Fey has taught us countless lessons about what it means to achieve success, enjoy life, and be a better person — all while making us laugh until we pee. Without further ado, here are the top 10 qualities Tina Fey has inspired in us during her reign.

1. Clear Communication

“Make statements, with your actions and your voice.”

You can talk all day long, but other people will understand you more clearly if you project with both behavior and speech. You must remain consistent with your words and your conduct to set a good example for your peers to comprehend.

2. Strong Self-Confidence

“Believe you are worthy of the cover.”

Every woman struggles with physical, mental, and emotional insecurities — even Tina Fey. However, the lady of perpetual inspiration preaches that self-confidence (even in the form of delusion) is the best way to make your dreams come true. After all, you are going to have a tough time convincing other people to put you on the cover if you yourself don’t think you can get there.


3. Unshakeable Lady Pride

“People are going to try to trick you. Don’t be fooled. You’re not in competition with other women. You’re in competition with everyone.”

Tina Fey is a member of feminism’s old guard; she has been fighting for women’s legal and societal equality since before many of us understood the terms “heteronormativity” and “rape culture.” As a result, Fey knows too well the struggles women enforce on fellow women — and she knows that we need to work together to end it.

4. Altruistic Cooperation

“Cover the phones for someone when they need to pee. Punch someone’s timecard. Help people when the register doesn’t add up. Don’t be a tattletale.”

There are plenty of reasons to help out your friends and co-workers: For one, they will owe you favors in the future; for another, cooperation makes life easier for everyone. However, acts of kindness don’t necessarily need a reason. You should do good in the world just for the sake of doing good.

5. Balanced Beauty

“If you retain nothing else, always remember this important Rule of Beauty. ‘Who cares?’”


It is hard to deny that appearance is important. Researchers have discovered that looking a certain way can affect a person’s ability to get good grades, secure interviews, earn a high salary, and more. However, Tina Fey reminds us that we shouldn’t devote all our attention to looking good.


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    6. Passionate Imperative

    “As the mother of this now five-year-old show, would I still rather have a strong ‘Two and a Half Men’ than our sickly little program? No, I would not, because I love my weird little show.”

    “30 Rock” was on the verge of cancellation for most of its time on air, but that never stopped Tina Fey from rewriting the scripts to make them more appealing to the masses. Fey remained committed to the show that she was passionate about — and in the end, she earned two Emmys (and 103 Emmy nominations) for her efforts. If you have a crazy dream of running your own business, you should absolutely go for it.


    7. Assertive Self-Direction

    “When people say ‘You really, really must’ do something, it means that you don’t really have to.”

    If there is one thing you have absolute control over, it is what you do and say — and you can never let someone else take that away from you. No matter what other people demand, you should only do what you think is right.

    8. Insightful Judgement

    “You can always tell how smart a person is by what they laugh at.”

    Perceptiveness is perhaps one of the most unendingly useful skills you can foster. Tina Fey uses her comedy to understand what other people like and need, and you can do the same with your inherent talents to gain an edge in business and in life.

    9. Informed Inspiration

    “I pretty much just do whatever Oprah tells me to.”


    Tina Fey loves Oprah unabashedly, and considering Oprah’s unparalleled professional success, we can see why. Perhaps she is following in Oprah’s footsteps — the way you should follow in Tina Fey’s.

    10. Indulgent Relaxation

    “One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to say ‘Yes.’ Yes to love; yes to life; yes to staying in more!”

    Tina Fey works hard, and you probably do, too. While you should open yourself up to new experiences, you should also know when it is time to put on pajamas, eat some cheese, and watch television until you fall asleep.

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      2. You will be more active.

        Studies show that unmarried people are also more fit than their hitched counterparts. Let yourself welcome being single, and use this time to your benefit. You'll be more confident and in control when you do meet someone special.


        3. You will be more likely to have high goals.

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                7. You won't need to compromise on entertainment.

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                          12. You will be more aware of what you want.

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