These Diagrams Will Show You How Communication Patterns Differ in Various Cultures

These Diagrams Will Show You How Communication Patterns Differ in Various Cultures

As many say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.”

Every culture has their own certain set of rules and regulations that only they can relate to. If you travel, you will find that really the whole world is different. Something what holds significance in one place does not hold significance in any other place. Amazing, but true.

As you will see when you look into this article, every country is distinct in the way they communicate. I hope it will be a treat for you to look at each of them and compare and contrast all of the ideas that are listed.

1. USA


    2. Canada


      3. UK


        4. Germany


          5. France


            6. Italy

              7. Spain


                8. Sweden


                  9. Finland


                    10. Norway

                      11. Switzerland


                        12. Hungary


                          13. Bulgaria


                            14. Poland


                              15. Netherlands


                                16. China


                                  17. Hong Kong


                                    18. India


                                      19. Australia


                                        20. Singapore


                                          21. Korea


                                            22. Indonesia


                                              23. Israel


                                                May you continue your efforts in grasping information to make yourself knowledgeable and well-versed all around. Until the next time, peace and love to all.

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                                                Last Updated on January 21, 2020

                                                12 Things You Should Remember When Feeling Lost in Life

                                                12 Things You Should Remember When Feeling Lost in Life

                                                Even the most charismatic people you know, whether in person or celebrities of some sort, experience days where they are feeling lost in life and isolated from everyone else.

                                                While it’s good to know we aren’t alone in this feeling, the question still remains:

                                                What should we do when we feel lost and lonely?

                                                Here are 12 things to remember:

                                                1. Recognize That It’s Okay!

                                                The truth is, there are times you need to be alone. If you’ve always been accustomed to being in contact with people, this may prove difficult.

                                                However, learning how to be alone and comfortable in your own skin will give you confidence and a sense of self reliance.

                                                We cheat ourselves out of the opportunity to become self reliant when we look for constant companionship.

                                                Learn how to embrace your me time: What Your Fear of Being Alone Is Really About and How to Get over It


                                                2. Use Your Lost and Loneliness as a Self-Directing Guide

                                                You’ve most likely heard the expression: “You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.”

                                                Loneliness also serves as a life signal to indicate you’re in search of something. It’s when we’re in the midst of solitude that answers come from true soul searching.

                                                Remember, there is more to life than what you’re feeling.

                                                3. Realize Loneliness Helps You Face the Truth

                                                Being in the constant company of others, although comforting sometimes, can often serve as a distraction when we need to face the reality of a situation.

                                                Solitude cuts straight to the chase and forces you to deal with the problem at hand. See it as a blessing that can serve as a catalyst to set things right!

                                                4. Be Aware That You Have More Control Than You Think

                                                Typically, when we see ourselves as being lost or lonely, it gives us an excuse to view everything we come in contact with in a negative light. It lends itself to putting ourselves in the victim mode, when the truth of the matter is that you choose your attitude in every situation.

                                                No one can force a feeling upon you! It is YOU who has the ultimate say as to how you choose to react: How to Control Your Thoughts and Be the Master of Your Mind

                                                5. Embrace the Freedom That the Feeling of Being Alone Can Offer

                                                Instead of wallowing in self pity, which many are prone to do because of loneliness, try looking at your circumstance as a new-found freedom.


                                                Most people are in constant need of approval of their viewpoints. Try enjoying the fact that  you don’t need everyone you care about to support your decisions.

                                                6. Acknowledge the Person You Are Now

                                                Perhaps you feel a sense of loneliness and confusion because your life circumstances have taken you away from the persona that others know to be you.

                                                Perhaps the new you differs radically from the old. Realize that life is about change and how we react to that change. It’s okay that you’re not who you used to be.

                                                Take a look at this article and learn to accept your imperfect self: Accept Yourself (Flaws and All): 7 Benefits of Being Vulnerable

                                                7. Keep Striving to Do Your Best

                                                Often those who are feeling isolated and unto themselves will develop a defeatist attitude. They’ll do substandard work because their self esteem is low and they don’t care.

                                                Never let this feeling take away your sense of worth! Do your best always and when you come through this dark time, others will admire how you stayed determined in spite of the obstacles you had to overcome.

                                                And to live your best life, you must do this ONE thing: step out of your comfort zone.

                                                8. Don’t Forget That Time Is Precious

                                                When we’re lost in a sea of loneliness and depression, it’s all too easy to reflect on regrets of past life events. This does nothing but feed negativity and perpetuate the situation.


                                                Instead of falling prey to this common pitfall, put one foot in front of the other and acknowledge every positive step you take. By doing this, you can celebrate the struggles you overcome at the end of the day.

                                                9. Remember, Things Happen for a Reason

                                                Every circumstance we encounter in our life is designed to teach us and that lesson is in turn passed on to others.

                                                Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to figure out the lesson to be learned, while other times, we simply need to have faith that if the lesson wasn’t meant directly for us to learn from, how we handled it was observed by someone who needed to learn.

                                                Your solitude and feeling of lost, in this instance, although painful possibly, may be teaching someone else.

                                                10. Journal During This Time

                                                Record your thoughts when you’re at the height of loneliness and feeling lost. You’ll be amazed when you reflect back at how you viewed things at the time and how far you’ve come later.

                                                This time (if recorded) can give you a keen insight into who you are and what makes you feel the way you feel.

                                                11. Remember You Aren’t the First to Feel This Way

                                                It’s quite common to feel as if we’re alone and no one else has ever felt this way before. We think this because at the time of our distress, we’re silently observing others around us who are seemingly fine in every way.

                                                The truth is, we can’t possibly know the struggles of those around us unless they elect to share them. We ALL have known this pain!


                                                Try confiding in someone you trust and ask them how they deal with these feelings when they experienced it. You may be surprised at what you learn.

                                                12. Ask for Help If the Problem Persists

                                                The feeling of being lost and lonely is common to everyone, but typically it will last for a relatively short period of time.

                                                Most people will confess to, at one time or another, being in a “funk.” But if the problem persists longer than you feel it should, don’t ignore it.

                                                When your ability to reason and consider things rationally becomes impaired, do not poo poo the problem away and think it isn’t worthy of attention. Seek medical help.

                                                Afraid to ask for help? Here’s how to change your outlook to aim high!

                                                Final Thoughts

                                                Loneliness and a sense of feeling lost can in many ways be extremely painful and difficult to deal with at best. However, these feelings can also serve as a catalyst for change in our lives if we acknowledge them and act.

                                                Above anything, cherish your mental well being and don’t underestimate its worth. Seek professional guidance if you’re unable to distinguish between a sense of freedom for yourself and a sense of despair.

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