15 Little Confessions of Graphic Designers You’d Never Expect

15 Little Confessions of Graphic Designers You’d Never Expect

Not all designers are perfect Mac-owning, Flash-loving, kern-crazy goody-goodies. In fact, most of us have made more than a few mistakes that we are terrified to admit. Thankfully, a handful of brave designers over at Creative Market have swallowed their pride and fessed up to some of the most egregious crimes in graphic design.

Read on to learn the 15 guiltiest secrets these graphic designers needed to confess to for a clean conscience.


    1. I Totally Auto Traced It.

    Designers who do this are like the kids who trace comic book images and submit their copies as art projects.


      2. Sometimes I Really Miss Flash.

      Ever since Steve Jobs vindictively killed Flash Player, designers’ jobs have been marginally more difficult.



        3. I Still Can’t Find the Arrow in the FedEx Logo.

        Even people with keen eyes for shape and pattern have a hard time picking out design tricks.


          4. I Really Thought the Dress Was White and Gold.

          Graphic designers aren’t always the definitive source of design info. For the best results, you should rely on reporting software  — or at least the explanation of the original designer of the dress.


            5. I Used Helvetica in a Logo (Again…).

            Helvetica is professional, precise, and expected — which is exactly why so many designers hate to love it.


              6. I Once Got a Tattoo in Helvetica.

              Okay, even we admit that this is going a little far.



                7. I’m Actually Color Blind.

                A) This designer is a savant at design and outstanding and what they do.

                B) They should really have chosen a different professional field.


                  8. The Project Went to Print With a Typo.

                  If the client didn’t notice, you are probably in the clear — just don’t include that project in your portfolio.


                    9. I Really Hate Flat Design.

                    Flat design is so trendy that even Microsoft has flattened and thinned everything about Windows 10.



                      10. I Used Comic Sans Once in the ‘90s.

                      We all did, my friend. We all did. The ‘90s were just a tragically simpler time.


                        11. I Took That Image From Google.

                        When you’re short on time and ideas, you can always turn to Google — even when you really shouldn’t.


                          12. I Almost Never Kern.

                          If you don’t know what kerning is, the entire design world envies your innocence. If you do know what kerning is, you probably want to throttle this designer.



                            13. I Have No Idea How to Use the Pen Tool.

                            Honestly, we applaud your ability to progress at all in the graphic design field without it.


                              14. I Don’t Own a Mac.

                              How do you even get work done in between all the viruses and unexpected crashing of PCs?


                                15. I Always Name Fonts Out Loud When I See Them.

                                “Helvetica.” “Helvetica.” “Helvetica, again.” It’s okay, your super skill really isn’t all that impressive to fellow designers.

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