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Which Kind Of Multiple Intelligences Are You Especially Good At?

The varying nature of intelligence is something that has long since been discussed and debated amongst educational specialists, teachers, and parents alike. There’s no one single way to be “smart” anymore. While someone may not find success academically, and may find it hard to express themselves, they actually have their own special brand of intelligence. Fortunately, the view of intelligence itself is expanding and changing every day.

The talented folks at Thinking Humanity have rounded up some of the kinds of intelligence which people can be proficient and rich in, and compiled them in a handy little infographic. For example, you can be an expert in “inter-personal intelligence”, with the ability to accurately read other people’s emotions and feelings, or be adept at “naturalist intelligence”, wherein you understand how nature lives and works. Even so-called “jocks” are highly intuitive in “bodily-kinesthetic” intelligence, which is about the precise way our minds coordinate and control our bodies, like the world’s top athletes. Utilizing your innate intelligence can help you you significantly improve your personal relationships and professional life.

Thinking Humanity have already assembled a test for anyone who fancies discovering just what kind of intelligences you’re completely brilliant at. We’ll be checking out our own special blend of intelligence makeup as soon as possible, and we recommend you do too.

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