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Newly Invented “Tron” Style Wheel Is Turning Heads

While it may not run on pure liquid energy, or leave glowing trails of light in its wake, the GeoOrbital electric bike wheel will absolutely catch your eye and hurt your brain.

This “Tron” inspired bike wheel doesn’t turn. “It attaches to the front forks of your bike, and three rollers inside it move the tire around the wheel, instead of moving the whole wheel.”

Other than making you look like you’re visiting from the future, the advantage of the Geo Orbital bike is that it comes with a 350 watt motor and a battery, which gives you a boost. You can cruise along at up to 20 miles per hour on the power from those alone. Pedaling, you can triple or even quadruple your speed.

Photo: GeoOrbital Twitter Page

The idea is to help people get around quicker, cleaner, and with less effort. The wheel can be installed onto any bike, which means you don’t have to shell out for a whole new bike. Another benefit is how you can get a little exercise riding to work, but you won’t show up drenched in sweat. Plus, you’ll be a lot gentler on mother nature and everyone will know how cutting edge you are.

If you want to get back to riding without the advent, say on the weekends you like get plenty sweaty biking for cardio, you can easily swap out your Tron wheel for a regular tire and switch back again.

Michael Burtov, a non-engineer who developed the idea, was inspired by watching the 2010 release “Tron: Legacy”. He liked the idea so much that he quit his job, tinkered enough with it to build a prototype, and then got professional engineers on board to refine it.

Pre-orders of the first three test samples are going for $449.99. They’re shooting to have mass-market versions available within the next six months.

See it in action in this video where it’s featured by the Discovery Channel.

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