20 Undeniable Traits You Find In Talkative Friends (And Why You Love Them…)

20 Undeniable Traits You Find In Talkative Friends (And Why You Love Them…)

If you are fairly quiet, you will already know the joy – and annoyance – of having a talkative friend. They make your life more interesting and fun and you love having them around. Check out 20 traits of talkative friends that you will undoubtedly understand.

1. They love to share everything with you

so you know all of intimate details from their grossest, most embarrassing stories. You can still vividly picture the stories in your head, although you wish you couldn’t.

2. Your talkative friend always takes the lead when you two meet new people

which you are really grateful for – hurray, no awkwardness for you to deal with!

3. They routinely got sent out of class when you were at school for talking too much

in fact, you’re pretty sure they still get told off at work for being so chatty.


4. Talkative people are often very inquisitive

so you are used to having lots of random questions quickly fired at you every time you chat.

5. You try to avoid them if you are behind on your favorite TV show

because they always accidentally tell you what is going to happen. They don’t mean to blurt out spoilers, but they just get so excited to discuss the show.

6. Don’t ask a talkative friend “how are you?” unless you really want to know the answer

It won’t just be a few words; it will be an in-depth analysis of their mood, filled with details from their day.

7. You always go to your talkative friend if you need an opinion on something

because you know they will be honest and helpful.


8. You have seen so many people tell your talkative friend to be quiet

from their parents to their boss to their partner. Nothing seems to have changed, though; they are as loud as ever!

9. They don’t mind if you don’t pay full attention all of the time

they just appreciate having someone around who is willing to listen.

10. Talkative people prefer calling to texting

and if they do text you, you can guarantee it will be a very long text.

11. They also prefer hanging out in person rather than online

because they simply cannot type as fast as they think.


12. As they are so talkative, you often hear the same stories over and over again

but the stories are interesting and funny, so you don’t really mind.

13. Talkative people often say things without thinking, but you never get offended or upset

you understand that sometimes they struggle to have a filter.

14. Whenever they are quiet you always get worried that there is something wrong

Are they sick? Have you done something wrong? A rare moment of quiet says almost as much as them talking!

15. Talkative people love to share good news

you’re used to receiving texts, emails and calls simultaneously to keep you updated when something good happens.


16. Talkative people have an opinion on everything

so you get to have some pretty interesting and intelligent discussions when you are with them.

17. On the flip side, they have so many strong opinions

there are just some subjects you totally avoid bringing up now.

18. If you go out for lunch with your talkative friend…

you can guarantee their food will go cold before they finish eating it.

19. They speak so fast sometimes you have no idea what they are saying

You have to focus really hard to stay on track, and you still sometimes miss parts of what they are saying.

20. There are no dull moments whenever you hang out with your talkative friend

it is always guaranteed to be a fun and exciting day.

Can you think of anymore traits you find in talkative friends? Comment your ideas below!

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Last Updated on September 20, 2018

7 Powerful Questions To Find Out What You Want To Do With Your Life

7 Powerful Questions To Find Out What You Want To Do With Your Life

What do I want to do with my life? It’s a question all of us think about at one point or another.

For some, the answer comes easily. For others, it takes a lifetime to figure out.

It’s easy to just go through the motions and continue to do what’s comfortable and familiar. But for those of you who seek fulfillment, who want to do more, these questions will help you paint a clearer picture of what you want to do with your life.

1. What are the things I’m most passionate about?

The first step to living a more fulfilling life is to think about the things that you’re passionate about.

What do you love? What fulfills you? What “work” do you do that doesn’t feel like work? Maybe you enjoy writing, maybe you love working with animals or maybe you have a knack for photography.

The point is, figure out what you love doing, then do more of it.


2. What are my greatest accomplishments in life so far?

Think about your past experiences and the things in your life you’re most proud of.

How did those accomplishments make you feel? Pretty darn good, right? So why not try and emulate those experiences and feelings?

If you ran a marathon once and loved the feeling you had afterwards, start training for another one. If your child grew up to be a star athlete or musician because of your teachings, then be a coach or mentor for other kids.

Continue to do the things that have been most fulfilling for you.

3. If my life had absolutely no limits, what would I choose to have and what would I choose to do?

Here’s a cool exercise: Think about what you would do if you had no limits.

If you had all the money and time in the world, where would you go? What would you do? Who would you spend time with?


These answers can help you figure out what you want to do with your life. It doesn’t mean you need millions of dollars to be happy though.

What it does mean is answering these questions will help you set goals to reach certain milestones and create a path toward happiness and fulfillment. Which leads to our next question …

4. What are my goals in life?

Goals are a necessary component to set you up for a happy future. So answer these questions:

Once you figure out the answers to each of these, you’ll have a much better idea of what you should do with your life.

5. Whom do I admire most in the world?

Following the path of successful people can set you up for success.

Think about the people you respect and admire most. What are their best qualities? Why do you respect them? What can you learn from them?


You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.[1] So don’t waste your time with people who hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Spend more time with happy, successful, optimistic people and you’ll become one of them.

6. What do I not like to do?

An important part of figuring out what you want to do with your life is honestly assessing what you don’t want to do.

What are the things you despise? What bugs you the most about your current job?

Maybe you hate meetings even though you sit through 6 hours of them every day. If that’s the case, find a job where you can work more independently.

The point is, if you want something to change in your life, you need to take action. Which leads to our final question …


7. How hard am I willing to work to get what I want?

Great accomplishments never come easy. If you want to do great things with your life, you’re going to have to make a great effort. That will probably mean putting in more hours the average person, getting outside your comfort zone and learning as much as you can to achieve as much as you can.

But here’s the cool part: it’s often the journey that is the most fulfilling part. It’s during these seemingly small, insignificant moments that you’ll often find that “aha” moments that helps you answer the question,

“What do I want to do with my life?”

So take the first step toward improving your life. You won’t regret it.

Featured photo credit: Andrew Ly via


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