20 Undeniable Traits You Find In Talkative Friends (And Why You Love Them…)

20 Undeniable Traits You Find In Talkative Friends (And Why You Love Them…)

If you are fairly quiet, you will already know the joy – and annoyance – of having a talkative friend. They make your life more interesting and fun and you love having them around. Check out 20 traits of talkative friends that you will undoubtedly understand.

1. They love to share everything with you

so you know all of intimate details from their grossest, most embarrassing stories. You can still vividly picture the stories in your head, although you wish you couldn’t.

2. Your talkative friend always takes the lead when you two meet new people

which you are really grateful for – hurray, no awkwardness for you to deal with!

3. They routinely got sent out of class when you were at school for talking too much

in fact, you’re pretty sure they still get told off at work for being so chatty.


4. Talkative people are often very inquisitive

so you are used to having lots of random questions quickly fired at you every time you chat.

5. You try to avoid them if you are behind on your favorite TV show

because they always accidentally tell you what is going to happen. They don’t mean to blurt out spoilers, but they just get so excited to discuss the show.

6. Don’t ask a talkative friend “how are you?” unless you really want to know the answer

It won’t just be a few words; it will be an in-depth analysis of their mood, filled with details from their day.

7. You always go to your talkative friend if you need an opinion on something

because you know they will be honest and helpful.


8. You have seen so many people tell your talkative friend to be quiet

from their parents to their boss to their partner. Nothing seems to have changed, though; they are as loud as ever!

9. They don’t mind if you don’t pay full attention all of the time

they just appreciate having someone around who is willing to listen.

10. Talkative people prefer calling to texting

and if they do text you, you can guarantee it will be a very long text.

11. They also prefer hanging out in person rather than online

because they simply cannot type as fast as they think.


12. As they are so talkative, you often hear the same stories over and over again

but the stories are interesting and funny, so you don’t really mind.

13. Talkative people often say things without thinking, but you never get offended or upset

you understand that sometimes they struggle to have a filter.

14. Whenever they are quiet you always get worried that there is something wrong

Are they sick? Have you done something wrong? A rare moment of quiet says almost as much as them talking!

15. Talkative people love to share good news

you’re used to receiving texts, emails and calls simultaneously to keep you updated when something good happens.


16. Talkative people have an opinion on everything

so you get to have some pretty interesting and intelligent discussions when you are with them.

17. On the flip side, they have so many strong opinions

there are just some subjects you totally avoid bringing up now.

18. If you go out for lunch with your talkative friend…

you can guarantee their food will go cold before they finish eating it.

19. They speak so fast sometimes you have no idea what they are saying

You have to focus really hard to stay on track, and you still sometimes miss parts of what they are saying.

20. There are no dull moments whenever you hang out with your talkative friend

it is always guaranteed to be a fun and exciting day.

Can you think of anymore traits you find in talkative friends? Comment your ideas below!

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Last Updated on July 18, 2019

What Makes People Happy? 20 Secrets of “Always Happy” People

What Makes People Happy? 20 Secrets of “Always Happy” People

Some people just seem to float through life with a relentless sense of happiness – through the toughest of times, they’re unfazed and aloof, stopping to smell the roses and drinking out of a glass half full.

They may not have much to be happy about, but the simplicity behind that fact itself may make them happy.

It’s all a matter of perspective, conscious effort and self-awareness. Listed below are a number of reasons why some people are always happy.

1. They Manage Their Expectations

They’re not crushed when they don’t get what they want – or misled into expecting to get the most out of every situation. They approach every situation pragmatically, hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst.

2. They Don’t Set Unrealistic Standards

Similar to the last point, they don’t live their lives in a constant pursuit towards impossible visions of perfection, only to always find themselves falling short of what they want.

3. They Don’t Take Anything for Granted

Happiness rests with feeling fulfilled – those who fail to stop and appreciate what they have every now and again will never experience true fulfillment.


4. They’re Not Materialistic

There are arguing viewpoints on whether or not money can really buy happiness; if it can, then we know from experience that we can never be satisfied because there will always be something newer or better that we want. Who has ever had enough money?

5. They Don’t Dwell

They don’t sweat the small things or waste time worrying about things that don’t really matter at the end of the day. They don’t let negative thoughts latch onto them and drain them or distract them. Life’s too short to worry.

6. They Care About Themselves First

They’re independent, care for themselves and understand that they must put their needs first in order to accommodate the needs of others.

They indulge, aim to get what they want, make time for themselves and are extremely self-reliant.

7. They Enjoy the Little Things

They stop to smell the roses. They’re accustomed to find serenity when it’s available, to welcome entertainment or a stimulating discussion with a stranger when it crosses their path. They don’t overlook the small things in life that can be just as important.

8. They Can Adapt

They’re not afraid of change and they work to make the most out of new circumstances, good or bad. They thrive under pressure, are not overwhelmed easily and always embrace a change of pace.


9. They Experiment

They try new things, experience new flavors and never shy away from something they have yet to experience. They never order twice from the same menu.

10. They Take Their Time

They don’t unnecessarily rush through life. They work on their own schedule to the extent that they can and maneuver through life at their own relaxing pace.

11. They Employ Different Perspectives

They’re not stuck in one perspective; a loss can result in a new opportunity, hitting rock bottom can mean that there’s no where to go but up.

12. They Seek to Learn

Their constant pursuit of knowledge keeps them inspired and interested in life. They cherish information and are on a life-long quest to learn as much as they can.

13. They Always Have a Plan

They don’t find themselves drifting without purpose. When something doesn’t go as planned, they have a plan for every letter in the alphabet to fall back on.

14. They Give Respect to Get It

They are respectful and, in turn, are seen as respectable; the respect they exude earns them the respect they deserve.


15. They Consider Every Opportunity

They always have their eyes open for a new road, a new avenue worth exploring. They know how to recognize opportune moments and pounce on them to make the most of every situation. Success is inevitable for them.

16. They Always Seek to Improve

Perpetual self-improvement is the key towards their ongoing thirst for success. Whatever it is they do, they take pride in getting better and better, from social interactions to mundane tasks. Their pursuit at being the best eventually materializes.

17. They Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

They’re not ones to get offended easily over-analyze or complicate matters. They laugh at their own faults and misfortunes.

18. They Live in the Moment

They don’t live for tomorrow or dwell on what may have happened yesterday. Every day is a new opportunity, a new chapter. They live in the now, and in doing so, get the most out of every moment.

You can learn how to do so too: How to Live in the Moment and Stop Worrying About the Past or Future

19. They Say Yes

Much more often than they say no. They don’t have to be badgered to go out, don’t shy away from new opportunities or anything that may seem inconvenient.


20. They’re Self-Aware

Most important, they’re wholly aware of themselves. They self-reflect and are conscious of their states of mind. If somethings bothering them, they fix it.

We’re all susceptible to feeling down every now and again, but we are all equipped with the necessary solutions that just have to be discovered.

Lack of confidence, inability to feel fulfilled, and susceptibility to stress are all matters that can be controlled through the way we handle our lives and perceive our circumstances.

Learn about How Self-Reflection Gives You a Happier and More Successful Life.

Final Thoughts

The main philosophy employed by the happiest includes the idea that life’s simply too short: life’s too short to let things get you down, to take things for granted, to pursue absolute and unrealistic perfection.

For some, employing these characteristics is a second nature – they do it without knowing. For others, a conscious effort must be put forth every now and again. Self-Awareness is key.

More About Happiness

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