Which Articles On Lifehack Have Inspired You The Most This Year And Why?

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Which Articles On Lifehack Inspired You The Most This Year And Why

Which articles on Lifehack have inspired you this year and why? Share with us what you’ve been inspired by!


2 Answers

I think it’s 10 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself Today by DAVID K. WILLIAM.

Items 5, 9 and 10 have been taken into account already, and I’ve stopped doing that actually. Believe me or not, but I feel myself really better, especially when I stopped doing the item 5. This article really helped me to take a look at my life from another angle, and I feel that I am becoming a different person (a better person actually) now. I would like to thank David for such an article, it was very inspiring and motivational for me!

And Happy New Year to everyone!

I’ll say Daniel Wallen’s 10 Ways to Get Lucky in Life – How To Be Luckier .

When I got really depressed and felt like I’d gone out of luck, I read over this article and felt so much better after reading it. It reminded me how lucky I actually was compared to many others. It was only myself who thought what happened was unlucky, but that didn’t mean the thing that happened was indeed an unfortunate event. It’s all about my own perspectives and thoughts. Just a little difference in my mind could make my life luckier. Do read this post, it’s worth reading!


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