What’s The Best Thing You Have Learned This Year?

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Whats The Best Thing You Have Learned This Year

It’ll be the end of year 2013 soon. Looking back the past year, is there anything memorable or meaningful that you have learned? It can be a kind of skill, knowledge, attitude or life lesson. Share with us the best thing you’ve learned this year here.

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This year I’ve learned that having social skills is much more important than having a college degree.

I graduated in May with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and I am still unemployed. I have been to an interview almost every week and never got an offer. You know why? It’s because I have zero people skills since I rarely go out to socialize. I have no clue on how to keep a conversation going and answer questions on the spot. So, all my interviews have been filled with awkward moments of silence.

Advice to teens: Getting good grades are important. They make you look good on paper. But, school books will never teach you how to make a good first impression on people.

The best thing I’ve learned this year is the fact, that everything I thought I knew appeared to be wrong (I mean my view of the surrounding world, and my values). It is not probably a thing to learn, but just a fact to understand, but anyway… :) So, a new year comes, and I think, that my life will change completely in 2014.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year everyone!

The best thing I’ve learned this year is not to be afraid of failure.

I’ve practically failed more times than I ever have this year and didn’t know why after making a decision to take relentless action on my goals. Then I realised that the failure was simply a necessary step I had to take in order to become successful and that experiencing lots of it was the only way I was going to make progress.

If you’re not failing much in your day to day life, then it simply means you’re within your comfort zone and not making much progress. Have a goal to fail as much as you can as quick as you can, because it’s the key indicator to letting you know that you’re moving forward.

If you want something to change in your life, you need to stop thinking and start taking action. Get a daily planner, write down your 3 biggest goals each day then document action steps you’re taking to get there.

This has helped me immensely this year.

The best – or perhaps the most valuable – lesson I’ve learnt this year is that you can’t plan for your life. I’ve gone through periods of employment and unemployment equally this year, explored three different career paths, and I’m only just now beginning to find my passion. I’ve had relationships and hook-ups, old friends and new entering my life and re-entering and leaving, so it’s been a very tumultuous but very exciting year as I try to find my feet and build my future.

So while I am, for a while, unemployed, I’m hopeful about the future and about finding the path that is right for me.

The best lesson I’ve learnt this year is that for you to succeed at anything, you need patience and persistence. Things always move slowly especially at start-up but you will eventually pick up pace and momentum. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, if only you will be patient and persistent, you will definitely achieve. ALL you need is TIME.

For me, 2013 marked the year I transitioned from being a student to a professional. In school we’re taught to find the right (or the best) answer but I found that’s not the case in the real working world. Most times, there won’t be a right or clear choice. And if we keep searching for just an answer to our question we could miss out on the bigger picture. So here’s the best thing I learned in 2013: It’s not about getting an answer but exploring the opportunities. 

This moment is all there is.

Not this year, next year or a hundred years from now.  It’s all we have. Rushing about to learn the latest tools and tricks of the market, thinking that I am setting myself up for a better tomorrow is just vapor, time disappearing into thin air.

I worked harder this year than ever before and learned that it’s really all about stringing together moments. Moments where I can recognize that I am feeling my feet grounded on the floor, my heart beating, and a Higher Power all around me. That’s what counts. I raise my glass to this moment of reflecting this lesson and my soul feels calm, calmer than ever.

Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

Taking action each and everyday even if it is just one tiny step, keeps you in motion.

Every day you get to choose what you want out of live and you are responsible to make it happen!


Choose passionately Every Day!

The most memorable thing I learned in 2013 is that you must take responsibility for your physical health because no one else is going to do it for you. My father passed away this year. He was an incredibly hard worker, and although that is a laudable attribute, it caused him to have physical problems that negatively affected him in his later years. He suffered a heart attack and had to retire early because of all the stress and physical strain associated with his job (and this ultimately played a role in his passing).  I learned that it’s important not to take your career too seriously. I also almost lost a sibling of mine, who nearly died because of her poor physical condition. That motivated me to eliminate bad habits in my life and focus on improving my physical health through exercise and adjusting my diet. There are far too many things that I still have yet to achieve in life, and the things I learned this year will allow me to live a healthier and happier life.

This year I learned to follow my heart. In the past, I’ve done what I thought I was “supposed” to do according to traditional standards. I wasn’t exactly unhappy, I just knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential. As soon as I let go of any expectations and stopped caring about what others might think, I was free to follow my heart. That led to me leaving a high paying yet emotionally unfulfilling job for one that just pays the bills, but makes me excited to wake up every morning. This step has led to countless other opportunities presenting themselves to me – things I might have been closed off to if I had stayed in my comfortable little box.


You only get one life – follow your heart!