What’s One Of Your Favorite Little Things to Enjoy In Life?

January 30 in

Enjoy life

How do you enjoy life? Is there any little thing you do (and you believe no one else does) that make you smile? Something like walking in the rain, reading books in a coffee shop or just playing with the plastic bubble wrap? Share with us.

6 Answers

I really love traffic jams. It is a perfect time for doing nothing. You can’t rush anywhere, and you can’t do anything important since you are a kind of driving. I have learned to take them peacefully and not worry about being late – nothing changes anyway. I love watching the sky, cars, people in them, houses and trees, birds flying, people passing by, I enjoy the music and feel the heartbeat of the city. I keep some snacks and if possible my car mug with good coffee ready if I know I might get into a traffic jam. Then it is just a perfect traffic jam!

Us British love our tea and I find great pleasure in the process of making a cup of tea. Through years of practise I now know instinctively how much milk to pour and how long I need to leave the tea to steep. I tickle the flavour from my tea bag, not squash it and in doing so I make sure that I consistently get a good cuppa.

You can keep your fancy coffee as its the humble cup of tea that I love.

I have two little Lhasa Apso dogs, a brother and sister from the same litter.  One of the things that we like doing at home is sitting on the couch in my living room watching a bit of TV.  Sometimes I might have a guitar on hand so I have something to do while the commercials run.

Since they are little, Chester and Roxie like to sit with me on the couch, one on either side of me.  What I’ve noticed is that we can pass the time quite well like this by basically hanging out together at home.

I never get bored of doing this with my dogs and I never get lonely even as a single person.  This really demonstrates one of the greatest benefits of being a pet owner and why I suggest that all single people should consider becoming pet owners.

When my dogs are hanging out with me, it is not an expensive activity and it doesn’t require that we go out somewhere, although we also have a lot of fun when we do go out (say to the dog parks).  It really becomes a simple and enjoyable way to spend some time.

Medical experts have even proven that spending time with pets like this can help bring down blood pressure and depression.  So the value of pets should never be underestimated.

However, it is also important that before one jumps in to get a pet, one should get properly educated on responsible pet ownership so that one knows how to train and care for a live pet at home.  We don’t need anymore abandoned animals out there in the pet shelters resulting from irresponsible pet owners who underestimated what is required to make pet ownership really work.

I love days when I feel like I’ve given myself fully to work; last night, for example, I started work at 7am and finished at 11pm. What’s important, though, is that I made every one of those hours count. I went to bed feeling energised, alive and fulfilled.

I love the little things like days inside when it’s raining with nothing but chocolate and some fantastic movies/TV for company, or ice cream, or playing with my dog. I particularly love those rare days when you can get up at 7-8am and be super productive and accomplish a hell of a lot in a day and have fun doing it and look back on it as a fantastic day. And new music that stirs my soul or gets my feet tapping or both.

I really enjoy eating a meal alone and people-watching. It is very comforting to be completely present with my nourishing meal and experiencing every morsel of food mindfully, and seeing others enjoying their lives also brings me a special joy. I also really enjoy typing and hearing the clicking keys whilst writing and being surrounded by others who’re also engrossed in their creative or professional pursuits really energizes me.