What’s The Best Way To Spend This Summer?

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The Best Way To Spend This SummerIt’s summer time! What’s the best way to spend this hot and shiny summer? Share with our readers!

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Reading a brilliant novel in the shade, while sipping green apple margarita should sum up the perfect summer for me!

Time for a weekly adrenalin rush!

Summer has a slow and lazy feeling, the sun feels hot and the kids are out of school.

I alternate between being completely and utterly lazy in the house and in the sun and doing something wild and limit-pushing once a week!

Hiking, speed boating, a midnight movie in NYC and traipsing around Times Square, a train ride to a random town. Even watching a movie that is completely out of my normal genre, reading a thriller.

Lazy + kick in the pants = awesome summer!

As the summer is very short here in Latvia, the best way to spend it is being outside – on the beach, in woods camping or canoeing. Eat a lot of berries and fresh honey. To get sun, joy and inspiration for long dark and grey autumn and winter time.

Enjoy being alone time to time, it helps to stop the time and feel the harmony with nature.


This summer I invest my time in work. All my friends will go to Romania and Thailand, but this summer will either make me a success, or make me a 10-days-vacation guy. I choose to be a long term success instead of long term failure :)

The best way to spend this summer is to focus on your hobbies and take up at least one of the activities you’ve always wanted to do, but never managed to. For me it is horse riding. What is for you?

I would love to spend it on a lonely, beautiful island being lazy all day, but that’s not a reality for me. So, I would spend it with my brother and nephew in Florida. They live 10 minutes from the beach. That’s good enough for me!

Renting a house for a week on Edisto Island with your wife and daughters (A41,40,31}, cooking our own food, drinking wine, ocean swimming, bike path adventures, practising my viola & trumpet, blogging, reading SyFy ( E.E. Doc Smith), and streaming Pandora through smart phones and into a Jawbone wireless speaker!

Learning a new skill! There’s tons of free courses on sites like Coursera where you can learn everything from coding to languages. It’s a great way to feel — and be — productive during the lazy summer months.

In the A/C at all times unless I’m trying to enjoy the heat at the beach~! Working on my projects and trying to get as much work done before my wife gives birth!

I just graduated from college, so I’m definitely going to be relaxing as much as possible before I start on my next degree in the fall! Lots of catching up on TV shows and reading for pleasure.

I have literally just come back from two weeks on the Tunisian coast – all sunburnt and jetlagged – and I can say that was a big part of my summer. My plans for the summer now are to socialise as much possible with my friends and loved ones – the warmer weather is perfect for attending barbecues, hosting them, going to outdoor pubs and clubs, picnics in the park, Pride events, whatever takes our fancy.

Aside from that, reading as much as possible and enjoying seeing my dog grow up. Long live the summer!

Summer to me is about relaxing, exploring new cities and adding a bit more colour to your wardrobe! There is something about the warmer months that make people more happy, social and in touch with the outdoors, and I find infectious! It is also the perfect time to get fit – circuits in the park? yes please!

Re-energize by spending time in nature with family and loved ones. Leave the electronics behind (unless you’re using it to just take pictures). You’ll create rich memories that will get you through the rest of the year.

Get back in touch with nature, hike, run, bike and swim. Embrace your surroundings and connect with your environment

The best way to spend any summer is to experience it!

Go outside and play!

Be bold and travel internationally. Zipline in Costa Rica; jump from waterfalls in Iceland; surf in the pristine beaches of Nicaragua; practice mindfulness and yoga in Bali.

But you don’t have to travel abroad to have fun!

Learn something new and share it with others.

How about that cooking class you’ve always wanted to take?

How about picking up an activity that gets you outside your comfort zone very quickly like dancing?

Plenty of things to do in the summer.

And of course, you can’t have summer without delicious BBQ!

Enjoy my friends and stay safe!!

Be Bold!!!

The days in Summer in India are very hot. So, mostly I would love to go to some hill station where the temperature is still low. In case, I can’t, then it is better to stay indoors during hot sunlight periods and go out in the evening after the sunset.

I will spend a lot of time with my family and friends doing something we all enjoy like going to the beach, having cookouts, and watching the World Cup (its over now).