What Will You Recommend To Do For A Romantic Date?

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What Will You Recommend To Do For A Romantic Date

Romance is needed to spice up a relationship no matter how long the couple has been together. Have you ever planned or heard of any romantic date ideas? Share with us.

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My favorite dates have been ones where I’ve spent the morning packing a picnic lunch, a picnic blanket for two and send a text message to my guy to meet me at a park close to his work. Spending lunch hour enjoying food and each other out in nature, for me, is better than anything money could buy.

Back when I was in the dating scene, there was a set date that worked every time :) This is for a first date, however, my partner and I now continue to do this regularly just because it’s so nice.

Step 1. Go for a coffee. It’s casual, it’s nice, you get to chat. For a first date, you’ll quickly realise whether you want to spend more time with the person your dating or not. If not, simply enjoy the chat, thank the person and finish the date there. If it’s not your first date, you’ll love just reconnecting and shooting the breeze with your partner.

Step 2. After your coffee, go to a quiet park and relax some more. Get close with your partner and let the good times roll.

Simple is best. It’s about connecting with your partner, emotionally (conversation) and physically (snuggling up).



My perfect date would be on a roof! What can be more romantic than the lights of some night city? There is no one else there, you and your partner can talk, enjoy each other’s company and the view itself.

Being a guy, I would recommend all other dudes who think of the same date to take a couple of blankets for them and their ladies to sit with a comfort. A bottle of wine would be also nice :)

Make dinner at home. If you don’t know how to cook, take this opportunity to learn and I promise it will be even more romantic ;) Candle lights, wine, and some italian food may seem stereotypical but is always effective for setting a romantic mood!

If you’re meeting for the first time, then go for a coffee – it’s fun, easy and it’s very easier to either move the date on if you’re connecting well with the person in question, or hauling ass out of there if fifteen minutes in you never want to see them ever again,

If we’re talking a big romantic date, it has to be dinner, drinks and dancing – you can even put a movie in there at the beginning, if you really want to check out a rom-com, thriller, or action movie before. The perfect thing about the dinner-drinks-dating trio is that it can involve pretty much anything in cool combinations – hell you could even host it at home, with your kitchen as the restaurant and bar and your living space as the dancefloor should the mood take you. Classic and a great chance for romantic chat and amorous feeling.

Be yourself, don’t follow any one’s advice!

Try to be original – even if it’s a first date. If you love books, why not stroll around a book shop or library together, and then grab a tea to discuss literature? Let your personality shine through…

If you’ve been together for quite a while and want to surprise your partner, then make it as personal as you can. Build a day around your shared favorite passtimes, and take them one level up.

Don’t fall into copying romantic dates from movies – they’ll just make you a little disappointed, as real life can never attain the sugar-coated version from the big screen.

Be Creative!  Go to a  breathtaking view, explore new things, cook together, have DYI drinks instead of going out to a fancy bar.

Eat dinner in the living room. Light some candles or build a fire and watch a romantic movie (The Notebook works perfectly). Better yet, watch your wedding ceremony video together (if you have one) or get up early and watch the sun come up together. Roller skating together is another romantic date idea. You could also go to a bookstore and check out the travel section. Take a look at travel books for faraway destinations together and either dream about visiting them, or actually plan your next vacation.

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