What Was Your Most Memorable Thanksgiving Like?

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What Was Your Most Memorable Thanksgiving Like

Share with us what was it like for your most memorable Thanksgiving!

3 Answers

Have you ever been dis-invited to a Thanksgiving meal while on your way? I was. It was decision time. To break ties with unhealthy family and create a bond with my healthy peeps. What fun it was at the movies!

My most memorable Thanksgiving occurred several years ago right after my brother returned home from service in the military. He was overseas for close to two years and served in some rather dangerous areas of the world. It was great to have him home safe and sound and his entire family was there to greet him. He made it home just in time for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

My most memorable Thanksgiving was when I decided to opt out. I was depressed and stressed out and the prospect of traveling over the holidays was too much. So I stayed home and didn’t leave my apartment for the long weekend. It was the Introvert Holiday I so desperately needed. After it, I felt much better and had a better Christmas with my family because of it.