What Makes A Good Writer?

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What Makes A Good Writer

What makes a good writer? What do you think is the most important thing to a good writer? Share with us and let our readers (and also writers) know more about this.

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A good writer and a good blogger are two entirely different things IMO. A good blogger is someone who is both a good storyteller, answer provider, and understands how to diversify content for an impatient online demographic. Additionally, a good blogger should have basic insight to SEO and the value of keywords, links, and many other items that factor into being found online.

Note: If all else fails, write about Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or Marijuana. I kid.

Writers’ personality, his/her values, ability to see behind the scene


The most important thing is to write in a way your readers would recognize themselves in your writing. And, as Great Master (Stephen king) said, clear language and less adverbs.

It’s important that when you’re writing you want to write what you feel from the heart. You want to feel the passion in your writing to make it special for yourself and your readers.

Personally its time, perseverance and practice and the person should have a love for telling stories, that way you’ll win.

In blogging, to convey the message and engage your readers and create dialogue.

You know you are reading good writing when you feel the sparks flying off the page…or screen.

A good writer takes the familiar, but shines a new light on it.  A good writer keeps you reading sentence after sentence because you WANT to know what comes next.  A good writer creates something new instead of rehashing what’s already been said a thousand times before.

Good writing doesn’t get forgotten the second you leave the page.

A good writer is someone who can take the detailed pictures of life and paint them with words. They use letters to invoke feelings and emotions, smells and sights, mentally taking readers somewhere while having the power to leave them physically rooted for hours.

A good writer can convey a message in a language that gives wings to the words. Some writers paint scenes in which you, as a reader, feel as if you have completely transcended the ordinary and arrived in a wonderful world.

A good writer? Someone who can express themselves and their opinions in a wholly balanced and intelligible manner. I think a good writer is someone who strikes at the deepest parts of a person – evoking emotions such as love, pain, desire, anger… and all with an aim towards achieving some kind of goodness. Some kind of either positive expression or positive action for the reader.

A great writer? I’ll let you know if I get there.

Anyone can be a great writer. But it all depends on 2 important fundamentals:

1) Discovering what gets you excited and passionate.

2) Your willingness to write and improve your craft.

At the end of the day, you can read all the books in the world on how to write the best articles and novels, but if you don’t actually sit down and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), you’re never going to improve.

Writers write. Painters paint. Dancers dance…

Lastly, in order to help go from a good writer to a great writer. Focus on what you’re truly passionate about, because it’s your passion that will naturally reflect in your writing. You’ll naturally study up on your topic, participate in your marketplace and build audience engagement.

Focus on these 2 key fundamentals and you’ll be well on your way to success.

A good writer is someone who can do three things: write when s/he feels like s/he can’t, read a lot, and be willing to learn at all times.

What makes a good writer is the ability to write from the perspective of the reader, to ensure that all content you produce can be easily understood. You don’t necessarily need to write with an overly technical or high level vocabulary, but rather in a way that the reader can easily digest your writing.