What Do You Want To Accomplish Before You Die?

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What Do You Want To Accomplish Before You Die

Is there anything you think you must do before you die? What does that thing mean to you?

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I want to end up spent. My current project is my IMPOSSIBLE LIST.

At the end of the rainbow I would like to have thanked everyone that ever gave me anything. A kind word, a gift, a harsh lesson. To let them know they added meaning and substance to my life, that my life was better in some way because of them. That they mattered to me.


One of the things that I must do before I die is to show my son what it is to be a good man, a good husband, and a good father. I take my role of parenting quite seriously, and it would mean a lot to me if I could instill the right qualities and characteristics in my son.

I want to continuously evolve and learn, through study, travel and life experiences

Before I die, I want to start living! Just want to feel myself a person who has reached everything he wanted, and who did everything he planned to do in his life. Before I die, I want to feel this condition, when you are in peace with yourself, and you feel calm and completely happy with everything you have.

To see my kids happy, healthy and fulfilled; with a family of their own. For myself I make a list every year of the things that I want to do. Each year the list has a different topic, “things I’m scared of”, “places to go”, “things to learn”, etc. I don’t always get through them but I give it good flippin’ go. :)