What Life Lesson Do You Wish Your Younger Self Knew?

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What Life Lesson Do You Wish Your Younger Self Knew

As an adult now, what life lesson do you wish your younger self knew? Share with Lifehack readers!

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The Universe conspires to purposely give us negative experiences for the evolution of our souls.

There are going to be many painful moments but rest assured that there is a bigger purpose behind the pain.

It is up to us to connect the dots of our lives looking backwards and make “lemonade” out of our lemons.

Watch Steve Job’s Stanford Commencement Address “How to Live Before You Die”, where he talks about connecting the dots of your life looking backwards.

I wish I could tell my younger self to pursue what gives me joy, what makes me passionate. Not in the sense of chasing happiness but finding meaning, contentment every day. I was so worried about what others thought of me, I didn’t give any weight to my own thoughts or opinions. I got lost in expectation , in what I should do, rather than what I wanted.

In the end, our lives are our own. We must live each and every moment til death. It won’t always be easy nor fun. Still, pursuing passion has made my life worthwhile. It gives me the sense that I give my life purpose. For me, that is enough.

This is a very personal experience, but my younger self was much wiser, braver and daring than my older self… When we’re young life is an adventure, we’re fearless, brave and don’t think of the consequences ( or get paralysed by fear ) as much as when we’re older and went through a series of disappointments, rough times and lack of perspectives. We pile up negative emotions based on negative experiences we barely even knew exist when we were young so….

I would have to put it the other way around. What life lessons would my younger self wish my older self would keep in mind? I wish my older self could remember more often to live without fears, without over thinking about consequences or let negative past events dictate my decisions.

Every day is a new day and a new chance to improve, push out boundaries and grow. The past is gone and taking life too seriously won’t make it brighter .

The lesson I wish I could have told my younger self  is that life is almost never how you plan it. It unfolds in strange and terrifying and sometimes wonderful ways, but trying to control life is almost impossible – that’s not to say that you can’t control how you react to the stuff that happens.

Be fluid, be flexible. Enjoy what happens and let your life go where it’s supposed to go. You’ll be happier as a result. And most importantly – you’re going to be okay.

I would tell my younger self to trust her intuition. That it will never steer her wrong.

I realize I could have saved myself from a lot of stupid drama in my younger adult years if I just listened to my gut instinct more.

The older I get, the more it is confirmed;  I know what is right for me and it comes from a deep knowing. I guess you can call it “knowledge from your higher-self.”

I would also emphasize to my younger self to nurture her spirituality because this is how she will hone her intuitive powers.

Yes, I said “powers” because I want her to know she is the hero of her story and all heroes have powers.

I would want to sit my younger self down and tell it “you are not a failure if your life doesn’t follow the traditional marriage and children path”.

Telling my younger self that success in life for you does not have to be shown by having a long term relationship, and that you offer so much to the world as you uniquely are.

Additionally, letting the young me know that peace and happiness comes from focusing on living your life in this present moment versus worrying about decisions made in the past or events that may never happen in the future.


Now, looking back, I understand that my younger self was not confident enough. And maybe it will sound weird, but he thought a lot before doing something. All these “and what if…”, “what they will think” things, you know.

I would tell him “hey man, you are 18 (19,20 whatever)! Don’t be afraid of trying, risking, and following your dreams!”

And one more thing… I would advise him not to be afraid of love. Yes, it hurts sometimes, but it is a real blessing to experience this feeling, especially if it is mutual, but you are stupid enough not to understand that, and scared to accept that.

I would have loved my younger self to know just this one thing: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – Roosevelt”. Or in other words, just that fear holds you back, does not let you live your life to the fullest, or let you make enough mistakes in order to reach your potentials, while at the same time it is totally meaningless and mostly irrational.

So if my younger self was in front of me now I would say: Too many regrets come from things we did not do just from fear of the outcome. And a life without regrets is all I would ever hope for. Please challenge your fears now!