What Have You Learned From Your Mother?

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What have you learned from your motherWhat have you learned from your mother that you find it really useful and inspiring for your whole life? Share with Lifehack readers!

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Creativity makes you happy.

While raising 11 children, she always made time for creative things. In the middle of the kitchen table, along with the spaghetti dishes and spilled milk was her sewing machine. She never cleaned up before creating.  I used to think that was nuts, but now when I do all my chores first and then I am too exhausted to write I remember.

Create FIRST.

My mother taught me that I can always come back to her when I am stuggling. The world can be tiresome and challenging, and she taught me that family can be a safe haven in troubling times. I have learned to be a listening ear to friends in need, and to open my heart to those who are suffering. Thanks, Mom.

My mother always used to say, “If you can’t say something nice about somebody, don’t say anything at all.”  This has done me well in life, and I have often quoted her to my children.

My mother has taught me patience and to value relationships. She has always been my pillar of strength and will always be! whatever I am today is all because of my mother.

My mother taught me to celebrate people for who they are, not what they are labeled as being. I grew up in a an upper-middle-class neighborhood, but as a child, my best friend was a girl who lived in a low-income trailer park on the other side of town. Later on in life, I asked my mom why she encouraged this friendship, and  she told me that she saw only that they were good people, and where they lived didn’t really concern her. This is such an amazing and admirable thing. People feel truly loved and accepted by my mom.

My mother taught me and continues to teach me a lot of lessons; about how to treat others, about how to let go of grudges and negativity; about how to put your family and loved ones and community ahead of your own needs and desires (even to a negative); about how compassion is your greatest weapon against evil in the world. My mother has long since been my greatest role model, even as flawed a human being as she is, and someone I continue to look to and aspire to emulate.

Also, she taught the secrets to getting blood out of any bit of clothing, so that’s useful too. :)

My mother taught me, inadvertently, to pursue a dream and to live life without regrets. She died young, age 49, and having left some things undone, I decided to never do that. To not put off tomorrow what I could do today.

My mom brought up 4 boys. Being the eldest son I sometimes need to to look out for my younger brothers. That’s how I know it can be a daunting task.

My mother didn’t teach me this directly, but she showed me that love requires sacrifice. She sacrificed a ton of her time to bring us up, feed our family and most of all shower us with love.

What I am today, is a product of the investment my Mom placed in me.

Love always wins because it’s hard to not like someone that sacrificed a heck load for you.

Thank you mom for teaching me that, I love you!

One of the so many things I learnt from my mother, is how to care for everyone in the family. In the fast-paced life we are in, it is becoming increasingly difficult to devote time to each and every member of the family. Mostly, we tend to ignore the elders, but my mother was always available to my grand parents for taking care of them. We tend to take such services for granted because these services won’t get paid in terms of money. But in terms of emotions and in terms of providing a meaning to life, these services are invaluable.

There are uncountable reasons why I love & respect her. She has not done any psychological  course but she knows how her son’s brain work. She predict’s each and every move of mine. She knows when I am nervous and when I am confident, the list keeps on going. Basically, I have learnt all my life values from her. Something that can never be gained from books. She has defined me the true meaning of love practically. Mother’s are the only one who can show you how someone can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without any self gain. She has thought me how to have faith in myself and only that faith gives you patience :). I don’t know if there is something like god or not but there is someone even more powerful than him and that is our mother. :)


There’s a lot to mention but I think I cannot define it in words. Thank you mom.

From my mother, I have learned that you don’t  really need to be super smart to be successful in life. If you work hard, be persistent in reaching your goals, and  be willing to accept challenges as they come, you can achieve your dreams.

My mom is not really the coach type; the kind of person who talks like a mentor, always ready to share you lessons in life. Rather, she does her thing with actions. She shows you exactly how she does it, and she doesn’t really brag about her achievements, either. She just continuously move forward and keep on achieving goals after goals. What’s more, at an early age, she taught me one of the most important lessons in life–the ability to forgive. Till now, I believe it’s the most relevant life lesson I have learned thoroughly, even if it’s the most difficult act to do.

Lastly, my mamang (that’s how I call her), a petite lady with a natural solicitous nature, is my first real-life hero.


My mother was a strong, courageous disciplinarian.  She was widowed early, raised four children on her own and worked hard to get each of us a good education.  She raised us with a kind of “tough love.” Growing up, I often overheard people complimenting her for having such well-behaved children.  She gets most of the credit for us turning out to be well-adjusted adults.  She lived until the age of 91.  From her, I always heard “Nothing happens that the Lord does not allow” and “What has to be done has to be done.”  She was a model of independence, hard work, self-sufficiency, and calm decisiveness in the face of challenges.  These traits are what I learned from my mother – gifts I hope to be passing on to my daughter.   

As my role model, a single woman, a two-shift worker and a college graduate – my mother has been my best friend. She has proven to me that hard work and dedication is your future’s best friend.

Without a shadow of a doubt, her affection and love, has given me the drive to give to others and strive to be the man my mother wants me to be and giver my mother expects me to be.

My mum taught me the value of life.

Treat people the way you’d want to be treated.

My mother was the most selfless person I’ve ever known. She went out of her way to help others without expecting anything in return. Her reward was that she was always surrounded by love.

Sadly she passed away April 20th 2012 and there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think of her.