How Do You Keep Your Mind Calm In Stressful Situations?

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How do you keep calm

How do you keep your mind calm in stressful situations? Share with Lifehack readers.

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Whenever I am thrown into stressful situations, the first thing I do is to surrender everything to God. I know that’s a little vague. Let me explain. The first step I take is to pray. I talk to God; tell Him I need help. Then I look at the situation from the point of view of someone who believes he is the son of the living God; the powerful Being who created the universe, and someone who is much bigger than the stressful situations I am in now. I remind myself, my huge God can absolutely handle them.

Upon reaching this point, I’ll be walking in clouds. I’ll be engulfed by the unspeakable peace only God can give.

I remind myself that there are rhythms in life (life is up and down) and that perspective is vital. I tell myself “this too shall pass” and take life one day at a time rather than worrying about everything that is troubling me. Acceptance, mindfulness and not taking my thoughts seriously work extremely well.

When place in a stressful situation I always take a step back and look at it from every perspective I can. From this you can determine where the priorities lie and what needs to be taken care of first. When this is established I make a plan of how to deal with what ever it is.


The key is to not let it consume you but for you to take full control and from here comes the capabilities to remain calm in any stressful situation.

I keep my mind calm in stressful situations by saying a prayer. I know that God is always with me and will never forsake me. With that thought I can gather myself and can think straight in the midst of a difficult situation. And then I look at the whole situation as a whole. If there’s something that I can do about it then I’ll do my best to make things better. But if there’s none, I tell myself “this too shall pass.” There’s really no point stressing out about something that you can’t do anything about.

I try to view the situation as a yoga pose and breathe through it. Yoga has actually taught me that deep breathing is a great way overcome obstacles that put strain on you and, when they pass, you feel invigorated, powerful and in control.

For me, keeping myself calm begins with distraction. I have to begin with some diversion that will take my attention away from the burden suffocating all of my thoughts. This takes any number of shapes: listening to a lovely song, playing a video game, exercise, or talking with a friend about other subjects. When I feel I am ready, I then try to further relax through meditation (or just relaxing in a comfortable place with no distractions). I face my unsettling feeling in this place, because now I am ready to handle it. More often than not, I start to find solutions to my burden which only serves to calm me all the more.

Keep reminding yourself: Progress not perfection

I usually rely on music and sleep where I can get to combat the immediate effects of stress and worry, but in stressful situations I try to use breathing patterns and techniques used in yoga to help calm me down (I’m a heck of a worrier at times).

Plus, I use the old adage, ‘this too shall pass’.

Whenever I get caught up in any stress, I always take myself from the situation that is causing the stress for a short period of time, and do something that I like to do to take my mind away from it.  I try not to avoid the situation for too long of a time though, just long enough for the stress levels to go down, and then I approach the situation head on, and eliminate the point of stress all together. I mean, isn’t that the whole point in the end?

When I have a stressful situation whether it is positive or negative I try to put my consciousness somewhere else. So it doesn’t overtake me. I turn to Subtle world, to God with gratitude that I can experience it and learn to balance myself and feel harmony within no matter what is happening outside or in me. I pray for strength not to lose myself. Each situation is a lesson to learn divine love, I always try to see what is behind that, what God wants to tell me and teach me this.

That is actually a tough one to answer. I usually find ways to try and fix a situation or do my research on what’s bothering me in order to find solutions. If I cannot, I try and find someone who can help me. If that doesn’t work, I chalk it up to fate, wanting to have its own way in my life and I let things alone. I find that most things work themselves out in the end. So… why worry and be stressed?

The most effective way for me to calm my busy or stressed mind, which can sometimes feel to me like having 2,593 computer tabs open at once, is to “power down” – like a computer. I step away from technology and frivolous distractions, petty arguments or bickering and take time for a soothing shower, walk in the park or forest, a swim, a visit to a farm or zoo or dog park, write in my journal or even make an outline of the situation at hand or write down observations on how my body is responding to the situation and some thoughts or ideas on what I am in need of or what the other person or company, etc. is requesting of me. This puts things into perspective, and allows me to see things with fresh eyes.

Sometimes, I’ll realize that what’s being asked of me is too much and oversteps my boundaries. Other times, I realize I was making a mountain out of a mole hill and I’m able to re-approach the project with revitalized energy. It’s also important for me to really weigh the options, and often times, I come to the conclusion that what I am overly worrisome over is not as treacherous an issue as I might have imagined.

I think it’s important to disempower the negative, so that you can get on with the positive. If you give the negative or stressful parts of you and your life all the power over you, it’s hard to win your power back. I try to remind myself this often. Your mental health and clarity are just as important as all other aspects. Stress and fear can erode those parts. I think building your self-esteem, attending therapy, connecting with your spiritual path and meditation can be powerful forces when dealing with stressors and persistent fears.

Also, when I do return to technology after a short hiatus, I might opt for a funny film, posting something on my blog, or listening to an intriguing podcast.