If It’d Be The End Of The World Tomorrow, What Would You Do?

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The end of the worldWhat would you do if it would be the end of the world tomorrow?

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I would say goodbye to all my acquaintances and told them what I always wanted to say but I didn’t had the courage to do it.

What Marcus said!

If tomorrow will be the end of the world, I would enjoy today with my loved ones; without them I will not be where I am today. My loved ones truly deserve my last moments.

I would go to the shops and ‘borrow’ some of the finest speakers I could find, alongside some fancy new clothes, top quality flat screen TVs and some throwaway junk food so that I could throw a big ‘End Of The World Party’, which everyone would be invited to. Leading up to the final moments before the apocalypse, we would all head up to the roof with our drinks and music, and watch the sun set for the last time. I would stand up in my ridiculously expensive suit, raise my glass and make a toast to a wonderfully unpredictable life, and then the music would reach a climactic crescendo as we left the earth in style.

I’d probably go to the nearst ocean and surf, then listen to the most relevant music I could find, say sorry to those I’ve hurt and disappointed and just chill until madness ensues. I’ll be calm, happy, and ready for anything that could happen.

I would go to Ben’s end of the world party.

I liked what Marcus said. I would probably enjoy the last day with my loved ones. Unless the end of the world was caused by zombies. If that was the case I would be fighting legions of them in an epic battle.

I would definitely be with my loved ones and my two cats. I would eat whatever I want and not worry about the calories. I agree with Clay, if it’s the zombie apocalypse, then I would be alongside my husband and brother fighting them off!

Not just my life but the entire world?  It would be impossible to get home in time to be with my parents so I would gather my own two sweet ones.  We would sit  among  trees, near water, with animals and then I’d urge them to seek out their own friends.  Soaking in humanity with its art, music, and literature among our favorite people for a send off of epic proportion….

If tomorrow is your last day, you don’t have time to do the unplanned items.  (Mental note: start living life today so there are no regrets)  So, with that in mind, I’d enjoy.  Simply enjoy.  A big ole’ pizza with extra cheese since calories no longer count and lots of ice cold beer.  All while sitting on the beach and watching the sun dip into the night sky.  Just sitting with my love and my baby bichon.

I would let everything out and speak all the words I left unsaid.

I would spend the day with my loved ones. I’d let my friends all over the world know how I much loved and respected them. I’d let my last acts be ones of compassion and kindness. I’d make my peace with my religious and spiritual views. I’d have a last fantastic dinner with my family and our dog and then either sit up on the roof with them or sit on the front lawn with something nice to drink and some nice music and have a front row set to the end of the world.

And I would eat every kind of food that I feel guilty about eating. :D

I’ll spend it with my parents, my brothers, my husband and my son.  I would remind them how much I love them.  The last minutes, I just want to spend hugging my nine year old and telling him over and over how much I love him.

I would find a way to plaster John 14:6 all over the Internet.

I would take my family and friends and go to the beaches of Nicaragua, eat tacos, drink beer, surf, and light up a bonfire storytelling the night away :-D