How to Wake up in the Morning?

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If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.

How do you jump out of bed with excitement every day?

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Make time to do things you enjoy first thing in the morning. It will be easier to wake up early if there is something you are really looking forward to starting. Before you start the things you have to do, spend a few minutes doing things you really want to do.

I don’t use a “traditional” alarm clock any more. Instead I use a sleep app called Sleep Cycle, which monitors my sleeping patterns and wakes me up when I’m in the lightest possible sleep state. It has made a huge difference for me.

Get a dog! My pup never lets me sleep past 6:30AM anymore and if I don’t get up, he has no problem pulling the covers off the bed.

By setting up multiple alarms in the same device

Avoid early meetings so I can wake up naturally.

Look at young children, and you’ll see that most of the time
bouncing out of bed is our natural way of waking up.

So it’s less about doing something new to make yourself excited,
and more about stopping doing something that subdues our natural excitement

So what get’s in the way?

The way most of us motivate ourselves. With fear, with a stick,
with imagined worse case scenarios. It works in the short term,
but it comes with some severe side effects – and duvet days are one of them!

Know that you are OK, you’re fine… there is only upside, and new sand castles to build :o)
When you truly feel that, when you stop beating yourself to do stuff that you NEED to do.
you’ll find your natural excitement will come back, and that younger you will return.

I use an iHome (alarm clock/iDevice dock). It wakes me up with tunes from my favorite playlist. Some positive vibes via music really get me going in the AM. Not to mention, you wake up with a fully charged phone. They are also compatible with iPods.

Usually an alarm works pretty well but if I go to bed with the intention of getting up early then somehow I do. It’s sort of like utilizing your body clock. 

Plan the day ahead in the evening before, I’ve found that if you know exactly what you have to do your mind will wake you up early. Goals for the day, exciting ones.

Throw in some ginger & lemon tea followed up with a cup of Matcha tea and the day is set before I’ve even read my first email.

I find it best to develop a routine. Recently I’ve started to develop a routine of getting up, making up the bed, eating a yogurt, then get ready in the bathroom. Once you get the routine going, waking up isn’t as difficult.

I always make sure I set an alarm the night before, and put my phone on the opposite side of the room so I actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. I find this wakes me up a little more and takes away the temptation to keep hitting ‘Snooze’!

After this I’ll jump straight in the shower then make sure I eat a filling breakfast and drink a glass of pure orange juice before setting off to work. By the time I get to the office I’ll feel bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Create a morning ritual that is soulfully nurturing!    It has taken me a few years, but I now have a morning ritual that feeds my soul and spirit.  It allows me to start the day off just right for me.  A little meditation, a little physical activity, a little reading.

I highly recommend creating a wonderful morning ritual that speaks to you!

First of all: make sure you go to sleep early at night, ideally at the same time every night!

Wake up with natural light, or an app such as Sleep Cycle, which measures your sleep cycles and wakes you up when you are in light sleep.

Then, have a morning ritual that leaves you energized for the rest of the day: meditate, cook a nutrient-rich breakfast and -if possible- make time for a workout.

4  Simple Steps to get started…

·         First grab a cup of hot water with half a squeezed lemon in it.  This gives you a boost of energy, besides multiple other benefits such as aiding digestion and boosting your immune system.

·         Don’t have a hot shower, I know, you might be rolling your eyes at this one, but a hot shower makes you sleepier in fact, so try a cold or warm shower.

·         Play your favourite music, regarding it doesn’t bother others, but it is a great way to put you in an instant good mood.

·         Go over the upcoming day in your mind and picture how you would love your day to play out.

I love my job, and I don’t have a schedule. I wake up naturally whenever I want. As soon as I do wake up, I do some yoga, get some juice, and make breakfast. Then I listen to some music while checking my email, etc. It’s a nice routine that doesn’t depend on the time of day.

Wake up prepared and wake up with a purpose. Plan your day the night before by making a to-do list of things that you want to accomplish. You’ll wake up the next day full of ideas and all pumped up to get things done.

Here’s a nice trick. And I do mean a “trick.” Requires an investment though.

I set my bread making machine to finish the job at the precise hour when I want to wake up. The buzzer sounds and also the smell of a fresh bread spreads throughout the apartment.

If only there was a coffee machine I could set up in a similar way.

It is important to get as much good rest as possible the night before in order to wake up and ready for the day. Relax for at least an hour before going to bed. Do nothing related to work or chores.

It is also important to go to sleep around the same time each night so you don’t always rely on an alarm clock, which I know makes me grumpy in the mornings.

Sometimes it helps to write down important tasks you need to do the next day so you don’t think about them, as it can disturb your sleep.

In the morning it is really helpful to create a routine to get you mentally prepared for the day.  It can be as simple as 3 tasks. Many people incorporate yoga, a healthy breakfast, even some sort of creative pursuit to get them energized for the day.

My morning starts with carefully developed morning routine. It consists of drinking protein shake, small workout to pump up my blood (instead of coffee), brush teeth, and mindfully  read my manifesto.

This way I start my day being fully ready for anything life throws at me. Starting the day on the right note is precursor for having a productive day. Making a habit and a ritual of your morning routine is taking it one step further, ensuring that every day is delivering the most into your life.

Move your body! And emotions and memory at the same time. I put my headphones on, play just one song from my list and … dance! Forget how I look like or if it makes any sense, just pure expression. After five minutes my body is refreshed, I feel freedom to express and the whole day seems energized a lot more. Depending on the day it may be something soft … or Michael Jackson!