How Do You Motivate Yourself When You Have A Bad Day?

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How Do You Motivate Yourself When You Have A Bad Day

We’re human, it’s absolutely normal to have depressing moments in life. We understand that we’ll get upset and disappointed sometimes and we must carry on with life. How do you motivate yourself when you’re going through some tough times? Share with us.

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I get motivated on a bad day by taking a break and recalibrating my mood with some humor and something lighthearted. I love to watch Jimmy Fallon or anyone who is passionate about what they do. Their energy and joy rubs off on me, and I can return to my work with a new perspective.

It may sound too obvious, but music is my best motivator. The main thing is to choose the right one. I often write my articles with music playing in my earphones.

When I have a bad day, the best desicion for me will be to sit alone and take a break from everything (if it is possible of course). I watch some good comedy, drink my favorite cappuccino, read some inspirational or motivational articles on the Web, and just try to think of something positive in my life. When I do so, I understand, that everything is not as bad as it seems first.

I do three mental tricks to help myself:

1)Acceptance of the situation – Instead of resisting and feeling sorry for myself, I accept the way things are and ask myself “What am I going to do about it?” It’s far more empowering to be resolution focused.

2) Mindfulness – be in the moment and look at what needs to be done today instead of the huge task ahead. Chunking the task down and writing down clear goals. Then get on with what can be done now.

3) Unhook from thoughts – thinking makes or breaks the quality of my day and when my thinking is ‘off’, I try to detach, stay in the moment and look for solutions and practical steps to move forward.


Thank you.

For anything.

It’s easy and sometimes a sneaky pleasure to wallow in a bad mood or bad day.  The sooner I remember to practice gratitude, simply looking around me and inside the good part of my brain for something to be grateful for, the better.


I become extremely mindful. There’s no problem right here, right now. I start thinking of everything I’m grateful for.

I then go to the gym. The gym is the one place where I don’t care if the world is falling apart. I can still become better and improve in the gym.

Other than that?

I might have a bad day but I won’t lose motivation. I will die one day. I don’t have time to waste.


The thing is that we shouldn’t have a bad day at all.  But here is a great collection of Motivational Videos that help me a lot when I have a bad day, without a question.

So my top motivational tricks are the following: 

1.) Wacthing Motivational Videos on Youtube

2.) Motivational Quotes

3.) Listening My Favorite Music

4.) Reading Success Stories

5.) Thinking About What I Have Achieved in MY LIFE

The key is to find what makes you motivated, I think I have found it… because every single person has different needs in order to get motivated but if there is a need; than there is a solution. Also, when I have a bad day it doesn’t mean that I am not motivated; and everyone should be like that.

David Kovacs


When you’re having a “bad” day, motivate yourself to keep on keeping on by asking yourself, “Who is deciding this is bad? Who says?”

You are the maker of your days, and whether they are “bad” or “good” is up to you.

You can throw a pity-party. We throw them because we are seeking security and significance.

Or you can play the blame game. We play it for the same reason.

It’s ok to seek security & significance; in fact it’s EXACTLY what you need.

Throwing a pity-party or playing the blame game will met these needs, but they suck your energy and don’t actually solve anything.

Instead, take a moment and acknowledge that right now it sure seems as though things aren’t going your way, that you feel uncertain of the future and your ability to get what you want. This is normal for EVERYONE who has ever lived. You’ve felt this before, and you’ll feel it again.

Feeling this doesn’t mean you failed, unless you make it mean that.  You decide.

Then, take a deep breath. Ask yourself, “What can I do now to get back on track?” Any forward progress is a conscious choice to be productive. Recognize that growth. It is how you re-claim your security and significance.

Keep taking steps forward. Do what you can, and let the rest take care of itself.

It’s true. People get down. Me, you, everyone. Life is a series of ebbs and flows.

I remind myself of this truth on the days that I am feeling down. When I have an unpleasant emotion, like sadness or frustration, I allow myself to feel my feeling. Then I ask myself, “What’s next?”

I try to remember that my feelings are transient and they do not define me. When I remind myself of these truths, I am able to motivate myself to keep pushing forward with my tasks. When I need a break, I allow myself to take a break. I treat myself with compassion and allow myself to feel down and have a bad day once in a while.

I enjoy writing and I am fortunate that it also helps me process my thoughts and feelings. I also play piano, and this is a huge motivator for me. But writing and music are not for everyone, so you have to find the things that fit you. Take time to figure out your passions. It’s worth it. Then you can motivate yourself even on the worst of days.

At the end of a bad day, I do a few simple things to calm myself down and relax – playing chilled-out music, hot baths, watching TV, meditating, getting an early night’s sleep.

However, if I’m caught in the middle of a bad day and need to motivate myself, I use upbeat, high energy playlists on my iPod to blast away the negative feelings long enough for me to become productive. I treat myself to something I’ll like and that will make the day a little brighter. I meditate for five minutes and become mindful of the world around me. I realise how grateful I am for the small good things and then I go out, rejuvenated.


The dopamine rush you get from intense exercise is the most effective way of improving ones mood and therefore motivation as well. Break a sweat and you’ll get your mojo back in no time.

Sort out mental clutter

Another thing that works really well for me is sitting down with closed eyes for 12 minutes and sorting out mental clutter. Figuring out what needs to be done and how, or just thinking of nothing. You can call this meditation or whatever you want to call it – I’m just not a fan of the hokey connotations associated with meditation.

Self praise

One last thing is going through the work you’re really proud of. This is really effective when you’re doubting your own prowess. Reread works you love or you’ve been praised for and recognise your talent.
And then get back on that horse!

// Nicklas

When I catch myself thinking that there is something wrong with my day, that it is a bad one. I pick that minute to end the day and start a new one. Who says the day begins and ends at midnight?

It is in making the decision to change the trend of the day, that the change is allowed to occur. Another tip is to take a reset action, if possible leave the room and come back in. If that is not possible, I can at the very least close my eyes take a deep cleansing breath and call in a new day. Some days get started over two or three times.

If all else fails at the end of the day, there is ice-cream.