How Did You Deal With Your Most Awkward Moment?

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There must be some awkward moments in your life, when and where did your most awkward moment happen and what did you do with it? That most awkward moment could be funny, terrifying or embarrassing, but just remember that you need to tell us how you dealt with that, so that readers know what they can do if similar things happened to them.

How Did You Deal With Your Most Awkward Moment?

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Stumbled into something, yawned, rubbed eyes, looked around, gasped in astonishment at my surroundings, and asked, “Oh no, was I sleep walking and talking again? I hate it when I do that! Please just disregard whatever I did previously; I was completely out of it!” Humor is the great equalizer! People would rather laugh with you, so you’d better laugh at yourself! If you don’t, they will just laugh at you!

Life is full of awkward moments starting when I was in senior Kindergarten when I peed my pants in class!  I for one do not claim to be quick witted enough to be able to come up with a snappy one liner to get myself out of any awkward moment I’ve been in but at least I can say that all such events can be learning experiences.

You learn from all awkward moments and they keep you honest since they always bring you back to earth.  It’s very easy to allow success in life get into your head and when presented with a moment that you have not prepared for, it keeps you level headed.

Such experiences make you realize that nobody is perfect and that in itself is not a big deal.  No person can be an expert at everything so awkward moments makes you humble.

So in terms of my own awkward moments, I just rolled with them, learned from them and moved on with life.

Most likely we have all sent a text message to the wrong person at one time or another.  It happens!  It was Thanksgiving weekend and I had a bit too much wine and was feeling quite amorous.  My husband was upstairs so I decided to send him a sexy text message, which I had never done through text before.  I hit “send” and that suggestive text went out of my hand so nicely…with the exception I had sent it to a college intern at my job! This was not what I wanted.  I was mortified. I quickly sent a text explaining that I sent it to the wrong person.  The next day at work when I saw him, I made a joke about “get any good texts lately?”  Humor was the only way to handle this situation.  Although I am certain, he has retold this story numerous times.

Let me preface this story by saying that you should know the name of your contact at a company before going on an interview.

About three years ago, I scheduled an interview for an internship at a company. I was very excited to get a chance to meet the woman who would hopefully be my supervisor and, naturally, I wanted to make a good first impression. I had been exchanging emails with the woman for awhile, but we had never spoken on the phone. Her name was Karin, which I assumed was pronounced like the name “Karen.”

I was wrong.

I walked into the office, which had a decent amount of employees, and approached the front desk. “Hi, I have an interview with [Karen].” The woman at the desk shook her head and told me that there was nobody named Karen that worked there. “No, I’ve been emailing her for the last few weeks and I’m supposed to meet with her today.” The woman at the desk assured me that nobody by that name worked at the company.

After a few minutes of sitting around in the waiting area, a different woman walked out of the back offices and approached me. “Hi, you must be Ryan. I’m [KUH-rin].” As Karin guided me into the back offices to conduct the interview, I looked back and shared an awkward smile with the receptionist.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the internship.

As a teenager I once walked out of a bathroom at a public event only to find my dress was tucked in my pantyhose. Of course this happened in front of several teen boys who thought it was hilarious.

I refused to be embarrassed or avoid them for the rest of the day. I just laughed it off and made a joke out of it. It took all the power out of the incident for the boys when they saw I wasn’t bothered, it wasn’t “fun” for them anymore.

Embrace your awkward moments, you will learn more, enjoy life more and laugh a lot more!

Several years ago, my sister asked me to help her with a garage sale she was having. She just had a child, so many of the items for sale were maternity clothes and other baby-related items. She included that information in the advertisement, so we knew that expectant mothers were certain to be amongst the crowd. I helped with the setup, but also once the sale started, my sister asked me to walk around and answer any questions that the customers had.

One of the strategies I used to break the ice with these mothers-to-be was to ask how far along they were. It worked great, and the sale was going along quite nicely. In the afternoon, two ladies stopped by and were looking at our sale. So I asked one of them (who looked very pregnant) how far along she was. The second those words came out of my mouth, I knew I had made a huge mistake. I could tell immediately from the look on her face that she absolutely wasn’t pregnant. I was totally in shock and had no idea what to do. The only thing I could do was to spit out a few profuse apologies, but of course that didn’t work. The ladies quickly got in their car and left. The best way for other people to avoid this situation is to never, under any circumstances, assume that a woman is pregnant when they might just be overweight.

Then just recently, my wife needed a flip-camera in order to record a quick video. She only needed it for the one video, so I decided to get cute and try to return the camera after we were finished. Normally, retailers will not accept these devices for return without charging a restocking fee. After we used the camera, I packed it back up perfectly, including all cords and manuals. I even resealed the tape on the outside so it didn’t look like it had been used. The sales rep was immediately suspicious and told me that the camera was used and that she would take it back but with a 25% restocking fee. An argument ensued and during that time, she opened up the camera. My awkward moment came when she finally said “If this camera was never used, then why is there this video still on it?” To make it even worse, I was the one in the video.

The best way to deal with this situation is to never try such a stunt. Either keep the camera for future use or pay the restocking fee.

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