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Who we’re looking for

Passionate writers who’re eager to learn and positively influence readers.


Is this you?

  Personality and interest

  • Excited to try new things (willing to write on different topics)
  • Embrace changes and challenges
  • Hungry for growth
  • Responsible and have high standards on yourself
  • Willing to accept feedback and learn
  • Detail-minded and self-motivated
  • Embrace open communication
  • Interested in topics related to health, nutrition and/or fitness

  Language skills

  • Fluent in English
  • Able to elaborate ideas logically
  • Able to express ideas in a precise way
  • Able to organize ideas in a smooth way

What you will do

  • Write on topics (mostly health-related) given by in-house editors
  • Write according to instructions given by in-house editors
  • Modify your work based on feedback given by in-house editors when necessary
  • Adapt to frequent changes as we’re always improving things
  • Submit work on time
  • Conduct research independently

What you will get

  • Tricks to attract readers’ attention
  • Skills to engage readers and make them love your content
  • A great platform to publish your work and promote yourself
  • Expertise in health writing

How do I apply?

To apply as a regular paid contributor, please submit your application here.

  • Headline:
    Having Poor Digestion? It's Probably Because You Lack This Thing In Your Stomach

    Target persona:
    People who're very concerned about health issues

    Key Message:
    - probiotics are good for our digestive health

    Why this persona is interested in this message:
    - they want to know how probiotics can affect our digestive health

    Aspects/Points to cover:
    - short post: write within 400 words
    - talk about the importance of probiotics to our digestive system (e.g. how the lack of probiotics can lead to digestive problems, why we lack probiotics in our stomaches etc.)
    - suggest natural sources where readers can
    get probiotics
    - support some of your points with scientific
    - add proper subheadings to help readers digest the information more easily
    ** it would be great if you can conduct extra research in addition to the links provided to support your points (optional)

    Links you MUST go through:
    - How Probiotics Can Help Balance Your Digestive System
    - 9 All-Natural Sources of Healthy Probiotics