Editor Application

Lifehack is a life hacking blog with over 20,000,000 unique visitors per month.

Lifehack Editor:

The editor role will require you to copy-edit all other contributors posts as they are submitted. This will require you to use our system on a regular basis to ensure that there is a constant pipeline of articles ready to be scheduled.

We are looking for an editor who:
– is aware of the consistency of not only grammar, but also ideas in the articles.

- is able to give constructive feedback to improve writers’ writing quality.

– understands how blog posts should be presented to be highly shareable and deeply engaging.

- is detailed minded.

- has a sense for visual presentation.
– can make sure writers follow the instructions given by our editorial team specifically for each article”

Ideal editors should be able to make articles perfect before they go live.

As part of your application, please link to relevant published online articles and copyediting.

You will be paid different price based on the type of content you edit. Here’re the 3 sets of price per post:

$3: Light content that will not take a lot of editing effort
$5: Less heavy content that will take a certain amount of editing effort
$10: Heavy content or very well-researched based content that will take a lot of editing effort

If this is something which excites you, we want to hear from you.

How do I apply?

To apply as an editor, please submit your application here.

  • Editing Test:

    Basic requirements
    Check the grammar, consistency of ideas/format, linkage between sentences/paragraphs/ideas and logic of ideas.
    Apart from these, you also need to check whether the writer follows the instructions given specifically for that article (stated below).

    Example Article on Lifehack

      - At least 5 things to remember if you love an empath
      - These things should be about the characteristics of empaths, the struggles they have, etc.
      - Make sure each point is specific to empaths
      - Start subheadings with “They…” (They=empaths)
      - Stand from the perspective of empaths
      - Elaborate the points with a lot of daily examples which empaths can relate to themselves easily

      Now, imagine you're our editor, and you're going to give feedback to the writer of the following article. Note that your job is not to rewrite the article, but to give constructive and specific feedback to the writer so that he/she can make changes accordingly.
      Please firstly comment on the ideas, then on grammar. Make sure you cover all the problems you can notice.

      →Click here to read the Testing Article here←
      and give your Editorial Comments on below