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The Leadership Roadmap: What Does It Take and How Do You Get There?

by Lewis R Humphries & Katherine Eion M.S.W.
$ 9.99
39 Pages. PDF and Kindle

This is the ultimate guidebook for anyone who aspires to lead others effectively. Co-written by Lewis Humphries and Katherine Eion, the book will provide you with practical tips on how to be a good leader in every aspect of your life.

10 Rules of Super Productive People

How to Do More in Less Time
by Celestine Chua
$ 22.99
259 Pages. PDF

The book is based on the 10 underlying tenets of productivity that Celestine Chua has identified in her years of relentless pursuit of personal growth and productivity.

Back to Basics Productivity

Get more time, concentrate on living your life now! by Dustin M. Wax
$ 8.99
57 Pages. PDF and Kindle

If you’re looking for advice on how to make your work and life better organized, less stressful, and more productive, Back to Basics Productivity is for you.

Discover Your New Job Online

How to land a great job in the Digital Age by Thursday R. Bram
$ 8.99
47 Pages. PDF and Kindle

Discover Your New Job Online is your map to the overwhelming world of online job-hunting, tells you not just how to find and get a job, but the job that’s right for you.