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Lifehack is one of the leading blogs on the Internet, attracting over 5 million unique visitors every month. Publishing articles on Lifehack will expose you to our targeted readership and ensure your articles to be publicised globally.

In the age of social media, viral content is the king. Lifehack provides the platform for you to reach a large amount of potential readers. Here are some successful cases with thousands, and even millions of social shares, reaching readers from around the world:

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

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25 Killer Websites that Make You Cleverer

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Successful People Vs. Unsuccessful People (The habits that differentiate them)

If you want to kickstart your career, you will need your own online portfolio. By sharing your skills and expertise at Lifehack, people will have a way to know you.

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Our acceptance rate hovers at 30% or below. You have to demonstrate strong passion in improving other people’s lives to be a Lifehack expert.


We look for candidates who love writing. You have to make sure that your thoughts go into the text easily.

Willingness to Learn

We offer all sorts of support. If you want to hone your online writing skills, Lifehack could help your reach your wildest writing goal.

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    Chris Brogan CEO Human Business Works, @chrisbrogan “Lifehack gave me a great opportunity to write useful information to a smart community of very active participants. It was most definitely one of the pivotal points in my blogging career because it exposed my ideas to lots of sympathetic and interesting people. I’m grateful that Leon Ho gave me the shot to write for Lifehack for a while, and I really appreciated the experience.”
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    Celestine Chua Founder of Personal Excellence, @celestinechua “Lifehack has enabled me to reach out to masses with its large reach, helped me establish expertise in the personal development niche. If you are serious about reaching to a large audience passionate about life improvement, Lifehack is the site for you.”
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    Hannah Braime Lifehack Expert “I have really enjoyed contributing to Lifehack so far and have appreciated the opportunity to do so!”

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