Us Brits spend around 85 hours a year snoozing, in fact just this morning I somehow managed to ignore my alarms for two hours. I have major repetitive snooze injury, but how about you?

We get an average six and a half hours of sleep a night and most of us wake up around quarter past seven (I’m not convinced that time exists). 1 in 10 employees have been fired due to sleeping in and being late, and 1 in 4 admit to feeling sleepy whilst at work due to lack of sleep.

But snoozers have god intentions! We intend to do some morning exercise, chores or spend more time with family – if only we could get up. But how do we do this? Annoying alarms have got to be the best motivation, because even if you feel you haven’t slept enough you’ll probably be motivated to get out bed just to turn Crazy Frog off. With a sledge hammer.

Are You Suffering From ‘Repetitive Snooze Injury’? | Fuel Your 10K Hours

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