Move aside printed word, infographics are here and gaining traction. Infographics are extremely popular these days. Why? Let’s study the reasons.
With the hectic schedules and the hustle and bussle of urban life, more than ever people have short attention spans. This is shown by the actuality that most people decide to explore or leave a site in just 2-4 seconds upon viewing a page. With such a short time frame to persuade visitors to hang around, visuals and infographics are a better option to grab their eyeballs.

Another reason is; many people are visually motivated, so infographics are easier to comprehend. By using captivating visuals, you can present complex information and be understood quicker compared to having just text.

According to our infographic here, the term “infographics on google” will generate over 15 million search results. One other interesting fact is that the traffic to a website gets an average of 12% increase after uploading an infographic.
This visual also declares; more than 87% visitors have tend to scan text written on infographics. And here’s a killer, Infographics can build sites by 82% simply by intensifying brand awareness.


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From word clouds to network data visualizations, infographics have become a primary format for content in a relatively short period of time How to Create Stunning Infographics in 30 Minutes or Less


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