What To Do When Clients Bail

What To Do When Clients Bail

Pamela Slim from Escape From Cubicle Nation paints a picture of having some ‘sure thing’ work set up that suddenly falls flat. The work is gone and there are no prospects, nothing on the horizon and your field seems to be empty.

What do you do?

The three steps the Pamela suggests may seem almost too logical now, but in the midst of an income-less hysteria, things may overwhelm you.

First thing is not to panic. Call on your trusted ‘allies and supporters’ to see if there is any available work. Then decide what is the quickest path to money.

It is logical to want to run in five directions when you are desperate to bring in some income. But this will only serve to frazzle and fragment your efforts.

What to do when your work dries up, key client disappears or industry grinds to a halt – [EscapeFromCubicleNation]

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