What Really Motivates Workers


Does huge income motivate workers? How about great benefits? Some people say an open communication line between employer and employee is a wonderful way to motivate workers. Furthermore, loads of existing data prove that happy and contented employees make a business organization victorious and super successful. However, the million dollar question remains the same: What really motivates workers?

The infographic I have picked provides answers to questions all entrepreneurs have always asked. It also answers the primary question, “Why is employee motivation important?” Additionally, the infographic addresses the issue involving the belief that with regards company workers, money talks. That’s a popular belief, but Mckinsey Quarterly declares that contrary to this belief, money is not the only factor. It’s actually more complicated than it seems.

Clarity, the entrepreneurs lifeline has produced an infographic with eye opening information that includes: 90% of leaders believe that employee engagement is absolutely necessary to their businesses.


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