Your choice of music at home may depend on your mood, what you’re doing, what you’re planning to do and who you’re with. When you’re at work, you should also take into account what you do for a living. While a kindergarten teacher could help stimulate the minds of her students with a little classical music, for example, but it wouldn’t exactly be conductive to someone working at a construction job site. This infographic can help you evaluate what music varieties would work best with your particular job. Of course, if you hate the type of music it recommends, you can always try to find something else. Alternatively, just because an overall genre is advised against given your field doesn’t mean you can’t listen to some varieties of that music. For example, pop punk is drastically different than hardcore punk. what music should you listen to at work?


Source –Sonos

iTunes has loaded and we’re going to start work. What album do you play? : Music Vs Workflow

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