At first glance, boxing and office work really don’t have anything in common, but when you dig a little deeper, they have a number of similarities and boxing can, in fact, actually teach you quite a bit about business. Chad Howse of Addicted 2 Success discovered a surprising bit about work when he started honing his amateur boxing skills. Among the many things his training taught him were these five business lessons:

  1. Keep Moving Forward.
  2. Pain Is Temporary. Glory Is Forever.
  3. Don’t Go For The Knockout Right Away.
  4. The Fight Isn’t Won In The Ring, Under The Lights Of Fight Night.
  5. It’s Never Too Late.

While the boxing implications are obvious in each of these lessons, some of them are less clear when it comes to the business side, which is why you really need to read the whole article at the link.

Original Source – Addicted2Success

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