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Try Stand Up Meetings

Try Stand Up Meetings

Probably the biggest issue with workplace meetings is their length. Almost always, meetings take longer than is necessary. This is particularly true for those daily keep-us-up-to-date meetings.

You could try killing meetings all together, or try what John Trosko suggests and hold the meetings that aren’t long and strategic with everyone standing up.

Instead of sitting at a traditional conference table, we took the chairs out of the room and ran meetings while standing on our feet. Well, the length of the meetings DRASTICALLY dropped, because people didn’t want to stand for long. Meetings went from 30-60 minutes to roughly 1/2 of that while still delivering meaty content. Neat, huh?

When I worked in an office briefly, I noticed this was how they held those meetings – and it really worked.

Anyone else seen this work? Would you suggest it?

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