Whether you are the executive of a fast growing company or a businessman trying to get home to see your family, there are certain aspects of society that will kill your time and productivity. Here is a list of the top 10 killers of your time.

1. Emails – over 33% of people spend between 1-2 hours checking their emails and 22% spend 2 hours or more.
2. Internet surfing – a two minute video turns into another article, then a news story. Internet surfing kills time and 8 out of 10 people spend more than 2 hours daily
3. Watching TV – with all the capable television shows available, it’s hard to stay focused. A total of 26% of people spend between 1-2 hours watching TV every day
4. Procrastination – this is a less tangible time killer, but equally deadly. Waiting to finish a project can lead to serious problems
5. Meetings – sometimes they’re necessary, but sometimes they’re not. 18% of the population spends between 1-2 hours in meetings
6. Non-business conversations – it’s great to chat with friends, but it is definitely a time killer. 90% of people spend up to 2 hours a day chatting
7. Commuting / Travel time – traveling from home to work can eat tons of time. Only 31% spend no time traveling as they work from home
8. Social networking – as social media becomes more pervasive, so does the time wasting. 75% of people spend up to 2 hours daily on social networking sites
9. Texting / cell phones – they may keep us connected, but these little guys are serious time wasters
10. Red tape – every government or system comes with red tape and 75% of the population deal with some form on a daily basis

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Source: Office Time

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