LinkedIn, together with consulting firm The Adler Group, gathered results from a poll of 18,000 employees in 26 countries to study about the factors that strongly affect job satisfaction across the globe. Based on the results, the staff of LinkedIn’s Talent blog came up with a chart that mirrors the findings.

In general, the survey reflects a positive result with regards job satisfaction. It says most people are happy with their jobs. In fact, 27% of respondents say they’re very satisfied with their career.

Moreover, one of the most revealing info I noticed from the graphic is the top 3 elements that workers look for in a job. One is a good balance between life and work. You want to know the other 2 and of course more of the attitudes of professionals that influence career satisfaction, right? Dip into the infographic once more.


Original Source: Does Your Job Satisfy You? (Infographic) | 


Featured photo credit: Top Career Motivators/LinkedIn-Talent Solutions via Entrepreneur

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