The Unexpected Rise of Social Media as a New Career


When companies realized the power social media has on their customers, they started to create jobs focusing on the places where their valuable customers love to hang out — social media. Where else?

Once this trend grabbed the limelight, the hands of SEO trembled like a guy who is threatened by a new rising star. It all started when serious online entrepreneurs began talking about SMO instead of old and bitter SEO. Peg Fitzpatrick introduced me to SMO via her article “Goodbye SEO, Hello SMO (Social Media Optimization)”.

After reading Peg’s post, it led me to more goodies like the one I discovered lately. A set of LinkedIn data compiled by social marketing platform  Offerpop that shows a staggering 1,357% increase in positions handling social media functions added on LinkedIn around 2010.

Do you want to see more juicy info about the rise of social media jobs? Take your time to enjoy the following infographic.


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